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Show me how you “Shake and Bake”

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So I know the phrase “Shake and Bake”was made famous from the movie Talladega Nights, but we also use the saying here at Abercrombie to describe  the process of being able to react, re-evaluate, and develop a plan in order to achieve the best quality product for the brand.  During my time at A&F I am already being exposed to “shaking and baking” for different styles that have changes being made while the looks are in progress.  

Our intern class on the last day of training.

Just a head’s up… this post may seem like picture overload, but I love taking pictures, and I have done so many great things so far in my internship that I want to share it all with you…  

……So I am now done with my 2 weeks of training and am interning full-time with Betty’s Graphics!  My team is so awesome and they have already given me the nickname “X-Tine”.  We have a fun time joking together, but still get a lot of work done.  My supervisor, Erek is really helpful and encouraging!  He is the only guy on our team but still kicks some major butt as a merchant on a Betty’s product.  The female representation on the team comes from MJ, Naina, Beth, Allison and Miki who are all super awesome.   

I will be working on some styles for an upcoming season and have begun communicating with my vendor about those styles.  I was also able to sit in and observe a few meetings to see how A&F employees talk about the business and collaborate to drive the business forward.  

The wonderful Betty's Graphics Team! (I am 3rd from the left on the top row)

I have had the chance to meet some people from other teams that I will be working with this summer. I met with design, tech design, planning, allocation, quality assurance, and graphic design. They all seem great and I have already learned some insightful things from them. Having mututal respect and being honest about the priority of tasks are two pieces of advice that I have gained though speaking with them so far!   

Last week, A&F set up a social event at a Clipper’s game with the other interns and full-time hires.  It was fun to relax after work and get to know some new people.  I probably only watched less than 5 actual pitches during the game though!  Afterwards, I went to Cuzzins with some of the other girls in the intern program and it was really great getting to hang out outside of work!  

The girls of our intern class at the Clipper's Game.

The last SUPER exciting thing that has happened in the past week and a half is the 1st annual Rivals Cup – a kickball game where the interns play the new full time hires.  We had some sweet shirts made for us and HR sent out an email to all the merchants in the company to come watch us.  There was some DJ music and awesome food and drinks!  My team came to support and even made some X-Tine shirts to wear!!  Unfortunately, the interns lost by 1 run but it was still great! Check out the pictures below!  

MJ, one of my supervisors, made a shirt to support me at the game.


Can’t wait to share more with you! Stay tuned!


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