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Global, non-profit, library tech company. HUH?

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That’s the reaction most people have when I tell them about OCLC, the Online Computer Library Center.  While we are best known in the library sciences world, (we own the Dewey Decimal Classification System!), we are in actuality a full-fledged tech company based here in Dublin, OH that just happens to service the library industry.

Started in 1967 right over there in Thompson Library on the Oval, Fred Kilgour had the brilliant idea to share library information with the other Ohio universities and colleges to be more time efficient and reduce cost.  Since then, the advent of the internet has positioned OCLC to become the number one digital library cataloguer, classification expert and library technology provider in the world.

We have a presence in over 170 countries around the world and new catalogues are added to our WorldCat system at a rate of more than one book per 8 seconds.  WorldCat contains the information that has been collected by our members and constitutes the entire world’s digital library catalogue.  Its main storage is in the Dublin office, where we have three different types of power backups, is housed again off-site elsewhere in Ohio and there is a final backup stored in an underground cave in a different state.  Pretty cool!  To repeat, we have an underground computer cave!

My role as HR intern has me running around the entire company and all our divisions, running training programs and developing talent management reviews and implementing diversity initiatives, and making coffee (just kidding) and creating programming for our internship program so it’s even better next year!  But I’ll save that all for the next blog!

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    That’s amazing that OCLC started right here at Ohio State. Plus, it is cool to have an underground computer cave. You should figure out how to visit the secret back up computer cave and blog about it!:) Great description of what OCLC is all about.