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Interns are treated like royalty

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This past week, the interns at Cardinal had the luxury of being treated to an Intern Welcome Dinner now that all of the interns had officially started working. The dinner was sponsored by the CEO, George Barrett, which is a pretty big deal considering many full time employees have never even seen the man! All of the Dublin, OH interns were present, as well as those “out in the field,” along with their respective managers and other high level executives.

The theme of the dinner was an islander/Hispanic vibe, full of a taco station buffet, and a solo guitarist/singer. When my manager and I walked down to the patio/cafe area, scanning the party setup, she turned to me and said, “The interns really have it made.” She is right too…the weather, food, and company was great, and we were being paid! I was about to mingle casually with the Chief Accounting Office, chat with the Chief Financial Officer, and stuff my face with chips and guacamole. We are always hearing from professors/professionals to have our elevator speeches prepared and we typically agree and brush it off. However, its completely true that you should ALWAYS be ready to chat about yourself/goals and other career aspirations at any moment. You never know when the CFO of a Fortune 17 company may approach you at dinner.

This week I will be attending a bunch of meetings regarding full time positions at Cardinal…scary/exciting!! Come back soon and I will keep you updated.

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Sounds like intern reception was a great opportunity to meet people at Cardinal. And you’re right about always being prepared to talk about yourself and your goals – in between eating chips and salsa.

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