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Three P’s

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So much happened this week at American Greetings that I will break it down into three categories: projects, people, and places.

Projects: My manager gave me the outlines for my projects.  I am in charge of compiling line lists (lists of merchandise, in our case, cards), making sure the forum  (the card display room) is up to date, and organizing AG’s Canada line.  These projects make me have to go off on my own to complete them in time.  I am in charge of contacting and setting up meetings with various people in the merchant team to ensure that I have the correct information. I have started to dabble in all of my projects, but it will definitely take me awhile to complete.

People:  This week AG set up a cookout for the interns to meet the Chief Operating Officer and the Senior Vice President of HR.  We all wore matching American Greetings t-shirts and sat outside on the patio.  After the COO shared plans for AG’s future, all the interns ate the delicious free food.  We then went around introducing fellow interns for an icebreaker.  It was nice hearing all the interns’ hometowns and fun facts.  One intern is from Ecuador while another’s fun fact is that they will not eat pizza without having a tall glass of orange juice.

O-H-I-O in front of Lolly the Trolley

Places: On Friday Lolly the Trolley picked all the interns up at the headquarters and drove us around Cleveland.  We got to see The Christmas Story house, West Side Market, and Progressive Field.  Once Lolly was done touring, we stopped at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.  It was really nice spending in a new environment with my fellow interns and seeing what Cleveland has to offer.

I am spending the holiday weekend in Columbus, and I am looking forward to see what next week has to offer

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  1. Margie Bogenschutz says:

    Great picture in front of Lolly – be sure to submit it to the OSU web site:

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