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Next stop, Mullach Íde

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Equinoxe office. Right on the Malahide Bay

After finals, nearly all of my friends departed back to their hometowns and places where they were interning and left me by my lonesome in Columbus.  After working a few jobs the past three weeks to raise a little extra money and pass the time, I wasn’t nearly as excited as I should have been for leaving the country.

After those slow weeks, I had successfully made it to Dublin and had spent the first two days getting oriented to the area I was staying and recovering from severe jet lag.  The third day I had an official interview scheduled with the company I am interning with to meet them at their office.

One of the fastest ways to get to Malahide, which is where the Equinoxe office is, is to take the Irish railway known as the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit).  The closest DART station to my apartment is in the city center of Dublin.  Since taking the DART first time I had been downtown Dublin, I had no idea where I was and if I was going in the right direction.  To make things worse, once I got on the DART, the scroll which read where the locations the railway was stopping at was scrolling in both the English language and Irish (also known as Gaelic) and the voice on the speaker was identifying the locations in Irish.  The scroll finally listed Malahide, and the intercom voice said “Next stop, Mullach Íde.” Along with being skeptical where I was I had a sudden extreme jolt of excitement that I had been lacking prior to hearing the voice on the intercom.  Knowing that I was finally going to begin my internship, the reason I left good ol’ Ohio State, was such a thrill.  I eventually made it to the Equinoxe which happens to be located on the edge of a peninsula on the Malahide Bay, and began the interview.

I was warmly welcomed by two women at the office who began briefing me about what would be expected the next two months.  My only previous knowledge of hedge funds is what I have read in a few books so I am not that educated in the area.  Between that, and the fact that I still wasn’t very accustom to strong Irish accents, they might as well have been speaking a foreign language!  They comfortably told me that most interns don’t know that much about hedge funds when they begin, but are pros by the time they leave.  The fact that my colleagues were so kind and that I’m going to learn something completely new added to my newfound excitement.

I will keep you posted on how the first few work days go!

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  1. Meg says:

    Sounds awesome Pat! I can’t wait to keep reading about your summer!

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