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Day 1: It’ll never be dull here!

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A picture update on our team garden! "Mama Mia! "

A picture update on our team garden! It's theme: Mama Mia!

“It will never be dull around here” is what my manager has been telling me on day one.  The HR staff welcomed us with an invitation to a new conference room where they offered us a light and tasty breakfast as well as all this great information on Scotts’ benefits and facilities.

Scotts has its own park, basketball, courts, swimming pool, softball field, and wellness center that employees are extremely encouraged to attend regularly!  They have a strong belief that “a healthy employee means a healthy company”.   The company holds a lot of team building events for interns and employees throughout the year–looking forward to attending in the coming weeks :)

The same day, a shock hit the company—news breaking reports show that Scott’s had not been performing as well as hoped! Sales were down and certain forecasts were not being met.  What does this mean? The entire finance department had to recalculate their forecasts in order to report accurate numbers by the end of the day in order to meet SEC standards!  It was a great experience to see great minds at work with  Excel analysis in a pressured timeframe that would be publicly available in a couple of hours—talk about intense! More detailed info can be read about online.

The next day, Jim Hagedorn, addressed his associates via our intranet homepage saying that Scotts will be fine.  Scotts Miracle Gro is a company reliant on weather–and as we all know this past spring has been filled with rainy and stormy weather nationwide…things like this are not preventable!  It is just unfortunate that it occurred during Scott’s natural peak months.  The company is confident, being #1 in it’s industry, to recover in due time. Other newsbreaking information about the company can be read about here: link . Please read! I think you will all find it to be a rather interesting growth strategy!

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Scott's Backyard--a great place to have lunch!

2 Responses to Day 1: It’ll never be dull here!

  1. Margie Bogenschutz says:

    wow – enjoy that backyard…you’ll miss it come winter time! Sounds like you’re learning a lot about business responding to financial issues, which is awesome! Thanks for sharing the link!

  2. Paul S says:

    Scotts provides great internships. I hope you get a chance to sit down and meet with Hagedorn and Evans before your internship is up. Also, try to schedule 1 on 1′s with as many directors, vps, etc as you can as it gives you a better idea of the big picture of the company.