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My Fisher Internship
Going LEAN

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Accenture sign in the lobby of our floor

The first two weeks at Accenture has been busy, eventful, and great! Lots of readings, learning, acronyms and handshakes. However the information I am learning is very applicable not just to school, but also my future.

My role at Accenture is ultimately a training position for next summer (fingers crossed). I am on a fast track consulting plan. Meaning every two weeks I have a different role and shadowing experience. This is a great opportunity and allows me to learn many different roles within Accenture.

This week I worked to deploy surveys to buyers and suppliers that have used Accenture’s services. This process happens every two weeks. I worked with Consultants and the Delivery team to find name and contacts. Using excel I organize all the data- Auto filter has become my best friend! The reason why Accenture deploys these surveys and values feedback is based on the principles of LEAN.

Picture of Downtown Pittsburgh

LEAN is not a program or something you can wake up being, it is a lifestyle. It is based on the Japanese word “Kaizen” meaning continuous improvement. Accenture accepts that it is and will never be perfect. There is always a way to improve or a more efficient path to take.

No matter what industry, being efficient and waste management is an issue. Even in my personal day to day life, I can work on being more LEAN. It goes to show that my internship is teaching me to grow in multiple ways and beyond what I had anticipated.


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