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Can I Please Scooter to Work?

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Yes you can if you work at the Abercrombie & Fitch Home Office in New Albany, Ohio. My first day of work as a merchant intern was on Monday, June 27th and it was AMAZING! I am interning with a class of 9 other students (5 from Northwestern, 1 from Dartmouth, 2 others from OSU and 1 from UPenn).  Some things that have I have experienced so far during my first week include: 

1.   Touring the Hollister, A&F and Gilly Hicks  campus stores.  I LOVE the Gilly Hicks store! It is so quaint and looks just like an Australian manor.  The “library room” which houses wall-to-wall bras is a girl’s dream room! 

We were able to style forms with A&F products. I am on the far left and my form is the male form behind me

2.   Learning about A&F’s international expansion! The Paris store opening which happened on May 19th looked so awesome from the video they showed us. Check it out HERE if you want to see how crazy an international flagship store opening is.  

 3.   Performing a styling exercise where we were able to style our own forms. This helped me learn how stylists play a key role in expressing the different brand images to customers. 

4.   Meeting employees from different functions within the business and learning about what they do and how that will relate to my job as a merchant. I also was able to meet my mentor for my 8 weeks at A&F - Maddy! She is so great and helpful.

Scootering back to work after lunch. I am the 3rd from the left in the blue dress.

5.    Enjoying the great weather and the outdoor environment that A&F’s campus is set in. We also took a campus tour where we scootered between buildings!!  Check out this awesome video of the Home Office HERE.  On the tour we had the chance to see the color room which houses over 10,000 different A&F approved color swatches. 

 6.   Being treated to a wonderful dinner at Lindey’s in German Village. Also, my intern group went out for half price sushi at Sushi Rock on Wednesday in the Short North. It was my first time EVER trying sushi and I got the California Roll and the Spicy Tuna Roll!

My first sushi experience

7.   BUT BEST OF ALL, I found out what brand and product category I will be working on for the next 7 weeks! I will be interning as a merchant in Hollister Betty’s Graphics – which means women’s graphic tees if you are not familiar with the Hollister lingo.  I have sat in on a couple meetings so far and it seems like it is going to be an AMAZING experience to learn more about the business and take ownership over a package of tees.

Overall, I am LOVING my internship with Abercrombie, all the great people I am meeting and the things I am learning about the business.  I can’t wait to share more as I spend more time in Betty’s Graphics!

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  1. Lexi Merritt says:

    You’re going to have such an amazing summer! I interned there last year and had a blast and learned so much! Good luck with everything!!

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