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Greetings from American Greetings

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After packing up my car, I headed to North Olmsted, Ohio, my destination for summer 2011. Moving into my hotel apartment was a little difficult, but after a couple hours, I was all settled. All the interns got together for a mini barbeque at the hotel’s gazebo. There are a few fellow buckeyes in my internship program! Before I moved up to Cleveland, I received an information greeting card, I was told where to park, what to wear, and that lunch would be on them. I made sure that I left with plenty of time because I was not 100 percent sure on where I was going. Did you know that Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake are characters of American Greetings? That is something interesting I learned on my first day, and that it is very difficult to learn the maze that is American Greetings. I was extremely happy the second day that I didn’t get lost on the way to my cubicle. During the first week I got to meet with my manager Meg by meeting with her and going to lunch. I worked a lot with merchandise this week with setting up displays. One of my card displays will be used while meeting with potential buyers. I scheduled several meet-and-greets to get to know different people from different departments at AG. This week I met with a lady from Product Development. She explained her role in being the highway between the business and creative end of AG.I also got to use my CSE 200 skills and make pivot tables for organizing products. Who knew that what you learn in school is actually useful? Also during my first week, AG launched one of their new brands of cards. If you can be the first to name their new line of cards, all send you one of their cards in the mail (just email me your answer

I have a few pointers for the first day of work:

1. Look your best: It is always nice to give a first good impression, and having a big smile also helps

2. Leave early: there is no point of rushing into your first day of work. Also, make sure you know that the driving time to work is longer than normal thanks to the beautiful thing called “rush hour traffic”.

3. Relax: Your HR representative will help show you around the first day of your internship. Usually you have to fill out paper work and go to meetings to learn more about your company and safety briefings. If you get lost the first day, like I did, people are always willing to help show you around. They know that when they were in your shoes they needed help too!

I already have exciting plans for next week, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so come back and I’ll tell you about the exciting events!

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Hi Taylor – fun idea to see who can name the new line of greeting cards first. And good, basic advice about your fist day on the job.

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