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My Fisher Internship
Week one of the real world

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Hi all,

This past week was my first full work week at Cardinal Health and so much has happened already! The first day consisted of intern orientation, in which we learned the logistics of Cardinal (technology, expectations etc.) toured the facilities, and met our managers for the first time face to face. I had never been to the corporate office before, which is divided into East and West campus, and was completely amazed by what I saw. West campus, a barely year old addition to corporate, consisted of ¬†all things”Green friendly” such as furniture, technology, a huge fitness center with machines/classes/personal trainers, and even a wellness center if I need to get a quick check up or fill a prescription.

The intern program itself in a way reminds me of school, with various committees we join (I am on the speaker series committee to help plan executive speaking engagements), social events, tours to various distribution centers/business segments, dinners etc. We are going to be participating in a high ropes course next week for teambuilding!

Aside from those perks, I have learned what I will actually be working on this summer in my department (External Reporting). The main goal of the summer is to assist with the filing of the 10-K (the year end report of financial statements/what has been going on at Cardinal this past year required by the SEC), which is a ton of work and depends on a lot of different departments under our umbrella (Corporate Accounting). Conveniently, we are in “the calm before the storm” which is great as I am getting used to the swing of things at the office. My team is comprised of a few managers and about 3 advisors, all of whom have been very helpful thus far, explaining how beneficial this learning experience will be to me in the long run. Over half of the people I have met in the department are OSU alum as well, and love to hear what is going on at Fisher/school. I am so excited to get busy…but also super nervous at the same time. I will fill you in on what comes next as soon as our 10-k work begins!

This is the fitness center I can use all summer!

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