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The First Day

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Getting There

My first rush hour! Not as bad as expected… Once I made it to the parking garage, the Cincinnati Police did us all a favor by rating the safety of everybody’s vehicles in the garage. By taking a peak in everybody’s cars they were able to assess the likelihood of getting broken into of each car. I’m going to go ahead and brag about my perfect score. Had someone broken into my car, it appears as if I had nothing there to be stolen. This makes me wonder if…

A. I should be happy that I had nothing valuable visible and would not be an easy target.

B. If I should be concerned that enough people get broken into in this garage for the police to be handing out these cards…

C. I need some stuff in my car because it’s currently pretty boring in there

Either way, I thought this was an interesting detail of my first day in downtown Cincinnati. It is definitely different experiencing work in the hustle and bustle of the city as opposed to at school or in the suburbs, where I have previously had jobs. I guess it is all part of the experience.

Typical intern activities on the first day include:

  • Getting to work way too early
  • Making the first visit to the water cooler
  • Eating way too much candy from the secretary’s desk
  • Forgetting 30 people’s names you just met
  • Getting asked about Tim Tressel
  • Shock and awe at the luxurious and spacious cubical
  • A 30 minute browsing of the supply cabinet to determine which notebook sizes and pen colors would be suitable for the summer

It is very safe to say I’ve managed to accomplish all of these things, so I would have to call it a very successful day. Even though it was a tad nerve wracking showing up at a new place, everybody at Macy’s is very welcoming and supportive. I’ve realized that everybody truly wants to help me out and help me succeed at my internship. There is no question too silly to ask or comment to ridiculous to make.

Although I love the office where I am located, a large portion of my job requires travel so I will not be able to see it very much this summer. It will be a short visit before embarking on many trips to many cities.

Thats me!

2 Responses to The First Day

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Very funny post and I’m happy to learn you successfully completed your first day on the job to-do-list. As for your multiple choice answers – maybe you should add a choice D “My personality is a perfect match for my major in accounting – I feel compelled to put things in order”. Keep us updated on your travels for work.

  2. Margie Bogenschutz says:

    Love this post – your list of typical intern activities is perfect – I’m sure many students can relate to that! Be sure to tell us all about the cities you visit over the summer!

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