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True Life: Lexi Merritt went to Vegas.

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Las Vegas!Vegas.  Yes, as crazy as this sounds- It’s true.  My nice, laid back, relaxing weekend I was planning on having turned into a trip to Vegas with another Nestle Intern, Kelly Sipple!  We met one of my really good friends from Virginia in Vegas for a night!  Everyone who really knows me knows that this is one of the most spontaneous things I’ve ever done (deciding on a Friday night to go to Vegas is spontaneous even for spontaneous people!), but I’m very glad I did it.  I can now check gambling in Vegas off of my bucket list.  Kelly and I had a blast together as road trip buddies (Yes Falcon, we talked about you the whole entire time) and I know we’re going to have many more fun adventures this summer together!

Wal-Mart Visit.  On Monday I had the opportunity to go to one of the Wal-Mart’s in the surrounding area in order to audit their inventory.  We compared our computer systems, their computer systems, and the units that actually existed on the shelves at the store to determine where discrepancies took place.  It was interesting to actually experience first-hand in the store what the computers can tell us at the corporate office.

Sushi.  I had my first sushi experience this week at Happy Hour one day after work.  Six of the interns went out to Octopus, a really good Japanese Restaurant in Glendale and I actually ate (and enjoyed) sushi as my whole dinner!  We had a good time comparing the tornadoes of the Midwest to the earthquakes of the West Coast.  In the middle of dinner, I was told (like it was no big deal at all) that we had actually may have had a small earthquake happen that day! (WHAT?!)  It really is so much fun experiencing new things, new people and a brand new place!

My Projects.  I’ve started on three of my projects and I’m waiting to start the fourth one until July because it’s not as urgent as the others.  An example of one of my projects is my Seasonal Confections Product Hierarchy Revamp Project.  I’m working with Jeremy, a Finance Intern to lead a charge to revamp the Seasonal Confections Product Hierarchy to better serve business needs for Nestle.  The product hierarchy is the way Nestle internally categorizes each one of their products and once Jeremy and I decide on the best way to design the new hierarchy, it is our responsibility to then execute the change.

Just a picture of Gilly & I because I miss her so much!

Just a picture of Gilly & I because I miss her so much!

Visitors this weekend.  I’m very excited because my Mom and sister, Mandi are coming to visit me this weekend!  I can’t wait to show them where I live and work, along with experience some of the fun things California has to offer with them!  California is absolutely amazing and I seriously can’t believe I actually live here!  We’re going to hike to the Hollywood sign (I really think I will actually do it this weekend), go to Santa Monica Beach, lay out at my pool, do some primo shopping, and go to some fun places to eat!  Going out to eat is always a must when you’re with my mom and deciding between all of the options and fun places around Los Angeles should be interesting!  The only downside is that they can’t bring my puppy Gilly with them when they come visit me…she has to go to the doggie hotel :(


All in all, I know I’m a very lucky girl.  Nestle and the people that work here have been more than amazing to me in so many different ways and I’ve already enjoyed my experience here so much.  Time is flying by, and I can’t believe I’m already nearing the end of week 2.  I really enjoy blogging about my internship and I will be sure to post once a week!

4 Responses to True Life: Lexi Merritt went to Vegas.

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Hi Lexi – Okay, so you went to Vegas and as they say “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, but Sarah Steenrod and I want to know if you won anything gambling. And I got a laugh from your statement about eating and even enjoying sushi for your entire dinner. Very brave!

    Good luck with the Seasonal Confections Product Hierarchy project. BTW – what are some of the seasonal confections in the hierarchy?

    Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Nancy Lahmers says:

    Dear Lexi, Great Blog! Your writing sounds just like the way you talk…so I laughed and enjoyed your stories. Have fun and learn a great deal this summer.

  3. Lexi Merritt says:

    Mark- I just gambled with my friends money a little. We were playing Black Jack and he said that having me play beside him, go before him and know what my cards were made his chances better. So I neither lost nor won any money…But he came out as a winner! It was a lot of fun. I probably wouldn’t have gambled if it was with my own money :) As far as the seasonal confections in the hierarchy…any and all of Nestle’s seasonal chocolate and sugar products fall into some type of category in the hierarchy!

    Thank you so much Nancy- I’m really glad you enjoyed it! I can’t wait to tell you all about my summer!

  4. Sarah Steenrod says:


    It sounds like you are having an amazing summer, both personally and professionally! Enjoy your time with your mom and sister this weekend. I miss your smiling face around the office:-)


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