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That’s what I was having to learn for most of my first day…acronyms. My job title, listed up top, being one of the easier ones (Progressive Accounting Rotation Program – Progressive Commercial Auto unit). DWP, LAE, PIF, and CR to name a few others. Here is my timeline for a day in the life of a newbie:

Progressive's Campus I Entrance

My bizarre start
Progressive is known for unique pieces of art hanging all over the place. As me and a few other new hires were being shown around the headquarters, I got a bit too distracted and missed the handrail while going down some steps. Instead, my hand got cut by the rigid brick and wouldn’t stop bleeding. Not good for a day that I expected to be full of a bunch of handshakes (luckily I started meeting people after the morning orientation).

Jalapeno Burger and Coke, not a good mix
Not a good combination for trying to have a conversation without having to take a drink every two words, while not making any progress cooling down my mouth. I had an opportunity to go out to lunch with my mentor, Ohio State graduate Mike Schlesinger to a Sports eatery called Champps. Each intern is assigned a mentor to help talk about their career paths and experience.  Mike was great to talk about what to expect during my internship and why progressive is a great place to work.

Progressive's Alpha Building

So many questions!
From Mayfield Village to Highland Heights, I was on my way to one of the many Progressive buildings around town where I will be spending my summer days.  The Alpha Building, a much smaller building compared to Progressive’s others, is home to the Commercial Auto unit. I had an opportunity to meet many of my fellow co-workers and a couple of my managers. They laid out what the PCA was all about along with the many acronyms I had to learn. I was shown a lot of terms and charts where I had to clarify with a ton of questions. Asking definitely helped me keep engaged and show others how important it was for me to understand as much as possible.

The best thing I liked about my first day was how excited everybody was for me to be a part of the team. I was shown how the entire PCA team effects the bottom line, with emphasis on cost efficiency. Progressive’s vision emphasizes on constant improvement. When dealing with the surprisingly high costs of small mistakes, my mission this summer is to help on projects where we can seek to make any necessary changes to the rate revision procedure. I look forward to the challenge and getting to be a big part of the PCA team!

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Bryan – congratulations on surviving your first day on the job, sounds like you had a few unanticipated challenges! Way to hang in there. On a more serious note, I like that you asked questions to seek clarification. All the acronyms and new terms in new job can be overwhelming at the start. Good luck and be careful :)

  2. Margie Bogenschutz says:

    Somebody else talked about how using handrails was emphasized in their training on safety! But sounds like trying to use a handrail can be pretty dangerous :) But sure made for a good story!

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