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My Fisher Internship
Bryan Navarre – Progressive Insurance – Mayfield Village, OH

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Hello everybody, my name is Bryan and I am a senior at The Ohio State University – Mansfield Campus.  My major is Accounting and I am minoring in Professional Writing. I am taking classes for these programs in both Mansfield and Columbus. Currently, I’m a full-time Home Department Manager at the Kroger Marketplace in Mansfield until my internship starts on June 20. Not only am I a full-time student and a full-time employee, I am also going to be a full-time husband on August 20 to the love of my life, Crystal Browning, a 2011 Ohio State graduate.  Sounds like a pretty busy life already huh? Well regardless, I look forward to this summer and shifting my focus to just my Internship and soon-to-be wife.  This past Fall, with time management being an important balance in my life, I highly desired kicking off my career in Accounting as soon as possible. So fitting in the QUIC process, the Fall Career Fair, and the many interview preparations finally paid off with my first internship opportunity at Progressive Insurance’s headquarters near Cleveland, OH. I am excited to finally put to work what I have learned so far through Fisher and the job experience at Kroger. At Progressive, I will be entered into the Accounting Rotation Program, where I will be able to participate in the daily operations of the Commercial Auto business unit. Hey, maybe I will make an appearance with Flo on a T.V. commercial buying a box of auto insurance. . .but probably not. What I do know is that the program, which is slotted for two-years if I were to land a full-time position after graduation, is designed to place somebody that excels in a certain area of the A.R.P. and to develop a solid foundation of Progressive’s accounting/financial business.What to expect while I am there? I look forward to being challenged with ambiguity and team-based activities. I will definitely put-forth my best effort to ask questions and take initiative for the many job assignments in the Commercial Auto unit. There will also be a few days where we get to meet with all of the other interns at special events. Also, one of the neat perks to this summer will be the ability to use their workout room, a nurse’s clinic if I get home-sick, a reserved sleeping room if I want to just chill out for my hour lunch, and much more all located right on Progressive’s headquarters.  The nice part of having this internship experience in Cleveland is that I get to be closer to the majority of my family, who all reside in the various suburbs. I plan to stay with, yes, my grandma and grandpa. Hopefully my grandma will be nice enough for when I go have fun after work to give me a quarter or something like she used to when I was little. Being born in the Cleveland area, Middleburg Heights to be exact, I live and die by my Cleveland sports. With the Indians looking very promising this year, I will definitely have to hit up a few Indians games at Jacobs Fie. . . I mean Progressive Field (I think I am now required to call the stadium that from now on).Thank you for reading my bio. Since I can’t say much pre-internship, I look forward to sharing my experiences with everyone and will offer some tips that helped me at my internship. Though I will share with you one tip now, which continues to hold true more and more. That is, “Not everything is handed to you,” you have to go out and get what you want. Don’t expect to go through the motions of getting a degree. Be involved if you’re not working and going to school. I am sure every intern can relate to this. Use the Office of Career Management, it’s the best thing I’ve done to realize that my schooling truly will have a positive impact for my future. NOW THAT’S PROGRESSIVE!

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  1. Margie Bogenschutz says:

    Sounds like you’re going to learn a lot – and I like that you are looking forward to being challenged with ambiguity!! And….GO TRIBE…I’ve been a fan longer than you’ve been alive…haha…I’ll be there to watch them take on the Yankees July 6th!

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