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A Day full of Surprises

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OSU Athletic Logo!

Being in that state up North, I have to include my buckeye pride everywhere :)

What is the one thing every true Buckeye fan cannot stand? The Michigan fight song (or anything Michigan related)┬áin my mind. Well on my first day of work I met my boss who is a huge Michigan fan. As he was wearing his maize and blue striped shirt he “honored” me by playing the Michigan fight song as I entered his office. Off the bat I knew I was going to have a great summer and an even better time trying to come up with comebacks for Ohio State jokes.

Day One

That being said, my first day went very well and was better than I was anticipating. I of course had to go through the typical first day training sessions: safety (I will be the first to vouch and say Dow says they have a commitment to safety but I think they’re more than committed to it…make sure to hold all railings!); getting my badge and computer; health screening; and computer and phone training. As I said, I got to meet my boss and true blue fashion and had a nice low key lunch to learn what I would be doing this summer, which so far is working on 3 projects.

After getting out some Ohio State jokes my boss asked me what I was doing Wednesday. I simply replied with “working” thinking it was a trick question. He told me, okay good you’re going to Philly! I was pleasantly surprised! Three days into work and I would be flying corporate to Philadelphia to meet some of his team members whom I could ask for help with my projects.


So 4:30 I woke up and got ready and was at the Midland airport by 6:30, of course stopped for a coffee. Some advice I would give to anyone if you get the opportunity…fly corporate! You really feel business savvy and it’s an overall great experience! Philly helped me learn a lot about Dow, their supply chain, and some of my projects (which are quite extensive and can be saved for a later post). I got to meet some of my coaches for my projects and they took me to lunch and snuck me over to see the liberty bell! Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better third day of work! I can’t wait to see what other adventures I’ll be able to get into!!

The Liberty Bell!

The Liberty Bell! Not the best quality, but I was not expecting to go see this!

First Week Overall

Only 11 weeks left in my internship! It isn’t much of a countdown but the first week flew by, of course with day one and Philly, numerous different lunches, and already a few trips to the mall. I have been building my network wonderfully already, and I could not have asked for better people to work with – Dow must hire only the most caring and outgoing people! In addition to travelling corporate, I had to make my first international call. Little did I know there were so many passcodes and extensions that had to come before the number! But shout out to Gael who made my first international call a great one! He will be my mentor this summer and he is on the fast track at Dow so I can only imagine what advice he has for me.

I was thrown right in to the mix of things with going to Philly, navigating all the streets of Midland, making international calls, and overall making a place for myself. I must say, I am truly looking forward to this summer!

4 Responses to A Day full of Surprises

  1. Margie Bogenschutz says:

    I’m sure Michigan fans are coming up with some great jokes this summer – have already seen a few jabs at The Vest. Hang in there and keep your Buckeye pride strong :)

  2. Lexi Merritt says:

    That’s amazing they flew you to Philly on day 3 so you could talk to different people about your projects! I’m so happy for you Amy! You must be very important to them! :)

  3. Kim Bader says:

    I love reading about your experiences; you’ve done a lot already. How fun!

  4. Nancy Lahmers says:

    Amy, The Liberty Bell! If you had asked me to list 1,000,000 things you would do this summer at Dow, the Liberty Bell would not have been on the list. Your experiences sound great and I look forward to reading more.

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