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I hopped off the plane at LAX…

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Week 1- Wow!

Since I’ve arrived in LA on Sunday night, June 12th I have…

  • Rented an amazing SUV (brand new Ford Escape) paid for by Nestle for the next three months…I’d say that’s a nice little beach car :)
  • Moved into an amazing apartment complex on the same mountain as the Hollywood sign.  Every day I drive by Warner Brothers studios on my way to work. 
  • Gone out to lunch on Day 1 with my team to a really good Italian restaurant in Old Pasadena.  The town is adorable and I was able to see the Rose Bowl field on the way!
  • Attended a LA Dodgers game in Club Seating (vs. my hometown team, the Cincinnati Reds!).   Four of us went to the game, and wait for it… we are actually all Buckeyes and my co-worker Rebecca Roach was a Cohort a couple of years ago!  It’s a very small world!
  • Attended an Intern Welcome Event at Universal Studios where we bowled at a really fancy bowling alley & had a wii dancing comNestle's Headquarterspetition.  Nestle is awesome about taking care of the interns & ensuring a great environment for us both inside and outside work.

So in the midst of all of that, I’ve had a very successful, busy week one of my Logistics Internship with Nestle.  I am interning in the Confections & Snacks division on the 6th floor of Nestle’s Headquarters.  I have a really nice office right by a window because I’m taking the seat of a lady who is on maternity leave for the summer.  The way Nestlé’s internship program is set up is very neat.  Day one, I was given 4 big projects that are completely unrelated to one another, my manager explained them to me and gave me the name of someone to contact, and told me “Go!”.  This is extremely overwhelming and intimidating, but forces you to take charge because you completely own the project and its’ success is completely in your hands.  It also helps you to network with many people in Nestle because you must set up meetings with many people in order to navigate how you are going to approach and complete your project.  I already had a meeting on Wednesday (Day 3) with the Confections & Snacks Logistics Director, where I had to update him on the progress on one of my projects.   So this summer is going to be very challenging, but hopefully very rewarding.  I feel like I’ve already learned a great deal about Nestle and the food industry in one week.

My agenda for the weekend?  Relax.  I’m planning on spending my time at the pool and catching up on sleep (a three hour time difference is tough).  Also, a group of interns are going to hike to the Hollywood sign!  I can’t wait!

5 Responses to I hopped off the plane at LAX…

  1. Carolyn Riegler says:

    Wow Lexi!

    Sounds like you have a great internship this summer. I am very impressed – value all the time you have and really get to know the staff at Nestle. They are a great company and role model for you. Take in all their life lessons and try to remember them for your future. Enjoy.

    Love you

    Carolyn Riegler (mom’s college roomate!)

  2. Amy Marrison says:

    You come up with the catchiest titles!! I canpicture you in your SUV, bring it home for oval beach at the end of the summer :) Good luck with those 4 projects!!!

  3. Susan Merritt says:

    Lexi, repeat after me…”I am a lucky girl!!!”

  4. Kim Bader says:

    What an awesome experience! Tell Rebecca Roach hello from me!

  5. Rebecca Roach says:

    Hi Kim!

    :) First off, I miss you! Second, welcome to Nestle Lexi! :D