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My Fisher Internship
Wes Lin

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Hello everyone!

My name is Wes Lin, and I’m wrapping up my first year in the Fisher College of Business’ Masters of Labor and Human Resources program.

I was born and raised in Potomac, MD right outside of DC.  Just so you have a feel for my hometown: 90210 was based on my high school; the former king and queen of Jordan lived there; I ran into Arnold and Maria at the grocery store while they were visiting the Shrivers; Dikembe Mutombo lived down the street and Sugar Ray Leonard would sometimes attend his son’s sporting events at my high school.  I first moved to Columbus in 2000 to major in Psychology as an undergrad and I’ve been here ever since.  Don’t worry, I’m much more down to earth these days.

Completing my degree I worked for Permanent Family Solutions Network, the child welfare division of The Buckeye Ranch.  Moving on after becoming incredibly burnt out (more like torched) in a year and a half, I became a corporate recruiter for Aerotek, the country’s largest privately-held staffing firm.  During this time, I also helped launch an IT subcontractor firm that used OSU graduates exclusively and specialized in government projects.  I took the helm as the head of our HR department up until the day we had to close.

Now I’m a big bad business student, traveling a ton before I settle in and start my internship with OCLC.  OCLC is a global non-profit that specializes in digital libraries and information security.  I’ll be here in Dublin, OH for the summer, which means I don’t have to leave any of my friends behind.  Although some of my fellow bloggers will be moving away to NYC or LA or other exciting places for their adventures, I have every intent to make my own adventures professional and personally.  You can bet that I will be taking you along for the ride.

I hope everyone finishes the year strong and I look forward to your comments and sharing my stories with you!

2 Responses to Wes Lin

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Interesting background and neighbors! I look forward to learning more about OCLC as they are a decent size organization you don’t hear much about.

  2. Wesley Lin says:

    You certainly will, Mark!

    I’ll be doing some marketing for them as well to get the word out on OCLC, since they are relatively unknown in the area.

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