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My Fisher Internship
Hello World

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I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the world. After writing the previous sentence and staring at the screen for about ten minutes I’ve realized how uninteresting I am. I’ll try to come up with something…

Business-professional Mug Shot

Name: Doug Kobe
Major: Accounting, third year
Boxers or briefs: I figured you’d ask…inappropriate, pass
Dream date: Bob Evans and/or a long walk on the beach

Now, I will discuss in detail the things I really like.

Things I like:
1. Golf
2. Watching golf on TV
3. Friends (both real life and the TV show)
4. Laughing
5. Mini-golf
6. Life (not the board game)

And last but certainly not least, let’s learn about my internship. I will be an internal audit intern at Macy’s¬†(feel free to do some online shopping and help pay my wage)¬†down in Cincinnati, Ohio. I can’t say I have ever even seen Cincinnati before, so this will be a great chance to check out a new city in this wonderful state of Ohio.

Anyways, the actual project I will be assigned to is store audits. This involves traveling to different Macy’s stores and performing audit proceedures. Basically my “home base” is Cincinnati but I will need to travel to various stores to perform audit procedures. My hope is to bring you stories from various areas of the country and the interesting sorts of things that I learn along the way. Beyond that, I cannot quite say what a store audit entails yet, but I can only hope they teach me how. Otherwise I’d be a fairly ineffective employee.

Have a wonderful summer, everybody. Take some time to enjoy the sunshine. Also, good luck to all the other interns on this blog. Let’s make Ohio State proud.

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