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Hello Everybody!

My name is Sophia Elefter.

I am a 3rd year at OSU.  I am double majoring in Finance and Modern Greek.  Some ask “Why choose to study such a unique language?”–to put it plainly: my family is Greek, I wanted to learn to speak the language better, I wanted to be able to study abroad (I did this past Fall!), and the idea of working for a company that sends you to work on international projects is inspiring.

I am from Copley, Ohio which is a small suburb of Akron, OH.  Fun Fact: LeBron James’s house is about 5 min from mine! In high school, I played Soccer, and ran Cross Country Track.  I was quite involved in student orgs but my most prized position was Senior Class President!

In college, I have done some shifting around student orgs, but currently I serve as the fundraising chair of a Fratority (co-ed ) called Sigma Epsilon Phi; for Greek-American undergrads.  In my spare time I scrapbook, hang out with family and friends, and run– hoping to complete my 3rd 1/2-marathon this year!

Looking forward to documenting, my experiences at Scott’s Miracle Gro this Summer!  I’ll be the Finance Intern in their Distribution dept.  They’ve made me feel very welcome so far–a Blue Jackets hockey game, a Welcome Lunch at Woody’s Tavern, etc!

They do this neat community service project where your work team signs up to plant, and care for their own little garden the entire Summer.  At the end of the Summer, we will donate the majority of the plants to the Food Pantry! Both the gardening and the Finance Internship will be a great growing experience  personally and professionally! (no pun intended) :)

2 Responses to Sophia’s Bio

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Good luck this summer at Scotts – we’ve had a lot of Fisher interns there over the years and everyone has had a great experience. Keep us updated on your team’s garden. I’m curious to know where you plant the garden and what’s been planted.

  2. Sophia Elefter says:

    Hi Mark! Thank you for the comment. I just watered our team’s garden yesterday. We have planted Oregano, Basil, Rosemary, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Green Bell Peppers, and Onions–they look pretty good so far! All the teams’ garden beds are located behind our fitness facility. Should be fun! :)

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