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My Fisher Internship
Erin Frederick

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Erin Frederick. I am a second year aspiring accounting major. Originally from West Chester, Ohio (suburb of Cincinnati), I attended Ursuline Academy for high school. During previous summers, I waited tables at Bob Evans, so I am excited to begin my first internship experience.

Showing some Buckeye pride!

This summer I will be interning with Accenture in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have never been to PA, let alone Pittsburgh, so everything will be a brand new experience. I would like to inform you that I have no plans of becoming a Steelers fan (My parents with Wisconsin roots and avid Packer fans made me take a vow.) Accenture is a global consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company. They are currently the largest consulting firm in the world and their clients include 96 of the Fortune Global 100. Accenture’s main focus is on business consulting, process design work and the application of technologies to business. I am looking forward to my assignment as a “global process and planning analyst”. I am not exactly sure what that all entails but I have been assured there will be lots of Excel files and pivot tables. My CSE 200 skills will sure come in handy!

I will also be participating in the Accenture Student Empowerment Program (ASEP). Through this program, I will be matched with an executive who will educate me on the industry and serves as a mentor. This program continues beyond the summer through next school year. I appreciate having this contact and a way to keep in touch with the company.

For me, an important aspect of this internship is to understand the different areas of business and how to best apply what I have learned in my classes. I expect that this 10 week internship will be a significant learning experience that helps me focus on a specific direction. Regarding future plans, after graduation I would like to gain a few years experience and perhaps return to school for a MBA. I really would like to travel and work all over the country. That is the plan for the moment anyway!

While school work consumes the majority of my life, I am involved in Fisher through the Undergraduate Business Council, Bradley-Paterson Hall Council, Community Commitment and various other organizations. I love the Food Network as well as trying new foods and restaurants. So fair warning I will be blogging about my favorite places to dine at some point in time!

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences through this blog. If you have any questions or places for me to visit please feel free to contact me at I wish you best of luck with your own summer adventures and future endeavors!


2 Responses to Erin Frederick

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Looking forward to reviews of the Pittsburgh area cuisine! Don’t forget to eat at Primanti Brothers in the strip district and O Dog (Original Hot Dog Shop) which is near Pitt. Have fun and good luck with those spread sheets. And Go Steelers!

  2. Wesley Lin says:

    And Rose Tea Cafe in Squirrel Hill for some amazing, authentic Taiwanese cuisine!

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