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I’d Like 2 Pounds of the Hard Salami

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For most people, an internship is a 10-week ride through an exciting and intense program that unfortunately must come to an end. I have been lucky enough to be interning for over a year with the same company. My name is Wil Davis, and I am a second-year in Finance, International Business, Aviation, and Economics, and also a member of the Honors Cohort Program. I work on the Indirect Procurement team for Mettler-Toledo International, Inc. (NYSE: MTD) here in Columbus. If you have ever driven to Polaris Fashion Place from campus, you have probably seen our office building as you exit I-71 at Polaris Parkway (we are on the northeast corner). Although our international headquarters and executive offices are located in Zurich, Switzerland, the Polaris location is the second-largest in the world, housing over 500 employees. My internship started last June, and I have been working part-time during the Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters.

Who is Mettler-Toledo (MT)?

MT Impact S Retail Scale

The MT Impact S Retail Scale that is found in deli and meat departments around the globe.

MT is a Fortune 1000 manufacturer of precision instruments, with 11,200 employees worldwide. What is a precision instrument? In our case, a scale, a pipette, or a food x-ray machine. Our main products are precision weighing instruments used in lab, consumer, and transportation settings. Our most visible products are the scales that weigh lunch meat at your local grocery store. Next time you’re ordering your’s, take a look – chances are it is weighed on one of our scales. We also manufacture truck scales that are used at the weigh-stations you see along interstates (yes, our two main products weigh trucks and deli meat). Our lab scales are used heavily in the pharmaceutical and medical research industries, as we are the industry leaders in measurement accuracy. Our pipette division, Rainin Instruments, LLC (Oakland, CA), manufactures precision, multi-head pipettes. Lastly, our high-speed food x-ray equipment is used to ensure that the one pound of food you get in your Hungry Man frozen dinner does not contain a single micro-gram of metal or other containments. In addition to the hardware that we manufacture, we develop state-of-the art software that allows our products to be seamlessly integrated into testing and production processes with the highest level of user-friendliness.

What is Indirect Procurement?

Procurement at MT is a division of Global Supply Chain. Indirect procurement involves all of the materials, services, and processes that are not directly used in the manufacturing of our product. This includes business travel programs, the sales and service vehicle fleet, office supplies, consulting and IT services, IT infrastructure, facilities, etc. My role within indirect procurement mostly involves managing the business travel programs and conducting sourcing projects to ensure we are receiving the best rates available. I also lead indirect spend reporting, which involves monitoring our levels of spend across the many indirect spend categories that we have. A good grasp on spend allows for a more accurate (and thus more effective) budgeting process. Because this is my second summer with MT, I am looking to expand my role and take on new projects that might normally be reserved for full-time employees. Will it happen? Check back after Day 1 and we’ll see! Good luck on finals!

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Wil – thanks for explaining indirect purchasing and all the various products manufactured by MT. Good post!

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