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My Fisher Internship
From Beaches to Buckeyes

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Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Mandel, and I’m a second year majoring in Marketing at the Fisher College of Business.

I grew up in Fort Myers, Florida. You are probably wondering, “why did you come all the way to Ohio for college?”  Well the majority of my family either went to OSU or are buckeyes by association. One of my first Halloween costumes was an Ohio State cheerleader, so ever since then, I knew I was coming to ole Columbus town. Ohio State is a big change for me besides the weather. I went to a college preparatory school, Canterbury School, and only had 46 kids in my graduating class. As you know, OSU is a little bit bigger than that. My freshman year at OSU I became very involved in my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. Being in a sorority not only allows me to have great support from my sisters, but it has inspired me to strive for the highest heights.

This will be my first internship where I went through the full interviewing process and get to work 8 to 5.   My first internship was working on ad campaigns at a medical practice in my hometown, and my second was with Mr. Youth working as a brand ambassador for XBOX 360.

I am really excited for my internship this summer with American Greetings.  I will be an IT Business Analyst intern, and I’ll be located in Cleveland, Ohio.  I have only been to Cleveland for a long weekend, so I am looking forward to experiencing a new city, even though it isn’t as sunny as Florida! I really hope to have the opportunity to see the Indians play at Progressive Field since the last baseball game I’ve been to was a Boston Red Sox spring training game.

Fort Myers, FL

A little sunnier than Cleveland

Before my internship, I will be visiting some family in Chicago, Illinois, then heading back to Columbus, packing-up, and hitting the road for Cleveland!  I hope you’ll continue to check in on my blog because I plan on letting you know every detail possible!

3 Responses to From Beaches to Buckeyes

  1. Roland Eisenberg says:

    Great introductory article. . . . anxiously awaiting your next adventure/blog.
    Have fun in Cleveland and be sure to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    Remember, tOSU awaits you. Football season starts Sept 3 at noon. Be there. Go Bucks

  2. Li Mei says:

    Taylor, I’m so excited to read about your internship experience! American Greetings is located down the street from me so it’ll be nice to read about your life while I’m away in Columbus. I’ll be sure to visit you when I do go home, and you better come to the Bus sometime this summer as well :)

  3. Kaitor Kposowa says:

    So Taylor…… I totally was pumped to see your name on this website. I am friends with Fisher on FB because I’m minoring in it. This linked popped up on my newsfeed, I click it, start reading the list of interns and OH SNAP IT’S YOU! Ha Ha Ha. But yeah that’s sweet that you’ll be up in big city working for a real big company. I wish you the best of luck. From reading your first blog, It seems like you’ve making great progress at OSU.

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