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The Final Countdown…and a little about me!

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After much anticipated start date decisions, a department placement, and what feels like millions of pre-hire forms to fill out and submit I am so close to the first day of what will hopefully assist in figuring out the rest of my life, my internship. But first, a little about me!

Hi! My name is Delainie Britton, a third year Finance major/Communication minor here at Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business. I am originally from Maryland, an area called Frederick (you probably have never heard of it), which lies somewhat in between Baltimore and D.C. I came to OSU for the great opportunities in business, academics, and of course the Buckeye spirit/way of life that seems to take over the students and alumni. Some of my on-campus involvements include being VP Chapter Operations of Professional Business Fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, Volunteering for the Ohio State Medical Center, working in Undergraduate Admissions (UAFYE), a few other things here and there, and now blogging for you guys!

As for the internship this summer, I will have the pleasure of working for Cardinal Health right here in Dublin, OH. I have recently been placed in the External Reporting and Technical Accounting Department and am so excited to get started and finally apply some of the skills we learn in Fisher to reality! I have always been interested in going into healthcare, which is what sparked my initial interest in Cardinal, and created a great talking point in my interview! My program is 12 weeks, beginning on June 20th, so there is still a little waiting to do. My recruiter has been a great resource so far, explaining I will be provided a mentor upon arrival, and will have the opportunity to mingle with the CEO, George Barrett, and other executives at an intern dinner banquet soon after my start date, which is a pretty big deal! I will fill you in on what comes next! For those of you interested in a corporate Finance/Accounting career, or going into healthcare keep reading!

Cardinal Health Headquarters in Dublin, OH-My office for the summer

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Delanie – you’ll have to give us an update on the intern dinner with the CEO and other executives at Cardinal Health.

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