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California…here I come!

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Hello Everyone!

I’m going to first introduce myself by telling you some fun facts:Me!

  1. I was born in Boulder, Colorado, and since then have lived in Princeton, Minnesota… Roanoke, Virginia… Lebanon, Ohio…and my family just found out this week we’re moving to El Paso, Texas this summer!  Never a dull moment that’s for sure!
  2. I was the lucky chosen one that was able to thank Ben Bernanke when he visited Cohort this fall.  After this encounter, one of my “To Do’s” in my agenda was… “Write Ben Bernanke a thank you letter”– Weird!  P.S. He actually wrote the class and I a handwritten note back!
  3. Anyone and everyone who knows me, also knows my favorite food is corn & that I’m abnormally obsessed with it.  I will eat it for every meal if I can!
  4. My boyfriend and I have a black lab puppy named Gilly.  (Actually she’s over a year now, so that probably doesn’t technically classify as a puppy anymore, but she’ll always be a puppy in my eyes).  She’s the best dog in the entire world and I am obsessed with her.  She’s perfect.
  5.  Running is my addiction- If I didn’t do it, I would go crazy.  My family and I just ran our first half marathon in April and loved it!
  6. I’ve grown up in a family that has allowed me to do amazing things such as raft the entire Grand Canyon, dive with whale sharks, and hike Longs Peak.  My family values memories and adventure, theMy puppy Gilly!refore adventure is a huge part of who I am.

With that, I’m ready to go forth with my new adventure… interning at Nestle USA in Glendale, California for the summer!  This adventure is going to be totally new to me as I’m about to live on my own for the first time (I live in a sorority house with 40 girls) and figure out how it feels to be very far away from my family, my boyfriend Jason, my friends, and my puppy.  I absolutely love spending time with my family and try to do it as much as possible so this will be a major change for me.  I’m just finishing my junior year at Ohio State, majoring in Logistics Management and my position this summer is formally titled “Logistics Intern”.  Last year I interned at Abercrombie & Fitch’s Home Office as an Allocation Intern and absolutely loved it! 

I’m excited to blog this summer and tell you all how my internship is going and about all the amazing experiences I am able to gain as a California Girl!  My manager has already told me that after my first day of work we’re going to a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game!  YAY!

5 Responses to California…here I come!

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Lexi – I like the concept of valuing memories and adventure. That is a great combination. And believe it or not, I’ve always thought it would be really cool and scary to swim with whale sharks. You’ll have to tell me about that experience sometime.

  2. Amy Marrison says:

    We are too much alike and our titles definitely prove it. I can’t wait to hear from you everyday telling me about your LA adventures :)

  3. Falcon says:

    Have an awesome time in LA! You and Kelly can bond over how cool I am. Let’s talk logistics soon!

  4. Eric White says:

    I couldn’t agree with Lexi more. I too am interning with Nestle USA this summer in Glendale and everything she says about the internship could not be more true. I look forward to reading this blog as the summer progresses.

    She will have some awesome stories to tell!

  5. Your old 2nd grade teacher says:

    Lexi, I am so proud of you! I know you’ll dazzle everyone you meet!

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