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Do you have to be a model to work at Abercrombie?

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First of all, the answer is no.  You do not have to be as beautiful as Heidi Klum or as “really really ridiculously good-looking” as Derek Zoolander to work at A&F, but that can be the topic of another post!

Christine Nugent

This is me...and a sock monkey? Does this break the rule of not having other "people" in a headshot photo with you?

Hey everyone! My name is Christine Nugent and I’m a third year student majoring in Marketing at the Fisher College of Business.  I will be graduating in December and am both excited and nervous about the “real world” after college that seems to so quickly be approaching.

I grew up in Powell, Ohio, just about fifteen minutes north of Columbus, and graduated from Olentangy Liberty High School in 2008.  These past three years at Ohio State I have loved going to football and basketball games, getting involved on campus, and meeting new people.  I am a part of FisherCARES, a volunteer organization through the Fisher College of Business where I served as the Mid-Ohio Food Bank Site Chair this past year.  I am also involved in Young Life, a non-denominational Christian outreach program to high school students.  Dedicating most of my time to leading Young Life at Dublin Scioto High School has been an amazing opportunity and I love the time I get to spend with the students there.

Christine Nugent

Just in case I broke the "headshot" rule, here is another picture of me!

This summer I will be participating in my FIRST internship :). I will be interning with Abercrombie & Fitch as a Merchandising Intern at their Home Office in New Albany, Ohio.  As I started my search for an internship this past fall I attended the Fisher Fall Career Fair which was a bit overwhelming.  After making a few rounds of the fair, however, I zeroed in on a handful companies that appealed to me and I had researched earlier that week.  My advice for anyone thinking of attending the Fisher Fall Career Fair or Internship Invitational is just to relax, smile and make sure you know something about the company or position.  Having a question or two that you plan to ask a recruiter can make you stand out and show that you did your homework!   After writing what seemed like endless cover letters, resumes, and thank –you cards (always remember the thank-you) and interviewing with a few different companies, all my hard work paid off and I decided to accept the internship offer from A&F.

I can’t wait to start my internship with Abercrombie on June 27th and share my experiences with you along the way!

3 Responses to Do you have to be a model to work at Abercrombie?

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Very creative way to have fun with the “professional photo” for your bio post. Everybody loves sock monkeys so we’ll let it slide. And good advice to know something about the companies you talk to at career fairs – recruiters remember those things.

  2. Lexi Merritt says:

    Congrats on your internship with A&F! I worked there last spring as a Merchant Intern and last summer as an Allocation Intern. I absolutely LOVED it there! It’s an amazing place to work and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way! :)

  3. Michael Kuo says:

    I love sock monkeys! All joking aside, Christine I really want to hear more about the job that you’re going to do this summer. It’s really great to hear someone try to break stereotypes of companies and what kind of people work there. I know you’ll do great!

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