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My Fisher Internship
The Scramble to the Big Apple

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Packing up the apartment, 3 Finals, 5 Papers, 1 Presentation, Packing my life up into 2 suitcases, and Flying to New York City. These is the outlook of my life in a 12 day window as I scramble to take all my finals early, move out of my apartment on campus, then move in to our NYC apartment about 12 hours before my summer internship begins.

My name is Erica Wong, and I will be interning with JPMorgan Chase & Co. in New York City with their Investment Banking, Financial Institutions Group (FIG). FIG is a coverage group in the investment bank specialized in clients which include banks & thrifts, broker dealers, insurance and specialty finance. Me!

Picture of 383 Madison

The Octagon Shaped Building in the middle is where I'll spend many hours this summer

I’m a third year in Fisher College of Business majoring in Finance and Accounting with a minor in International Studies. I’m part of the Honors Contract program as well as a member of Fisher Futures. If you (Yes, you!) are interested in a career in investment banking, I highly suggest the Futures program; one applies during their sophomore year

I grew up in Dublin, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, but was born in Taiwan. I have been fortunate to travel extensively abroad and many times to NYC as well, and absolutely ADORE the city!! Living and working in NYC has been my goal for many years, and I am beyond excited to be spending a trial period there this summer.

So, that’s a bit about myself and how I’ll be spending my summer, but if you’re at all interested in financial services or working in NYC, be sure to keep reading!!!

I wish you all the best of luck onĀ finals! Happy Summer!


2 Responses to The Scramble to the Big Apple

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Wow Erica – you are very busy for the next 12 days! Best wishes to you on your finals and moving to NYC.

  2. Margie says:

    Thanks for the shout-out for Fisher Futures!! Have a great summer – I’ll be reading all your blog posts! Can’t wait to hear more about all that you’ll be doing! Say hey to Amy H.!

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