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My Final Hoorah.

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Hello Fisher,

As you know, summer is winding down. Ohio State has already won their first couple of football games, Brett Favre is back for one more year, and the Reds are dominating the National League (kinda).  Well now is my time to give you one last blog post.  First of all, thank you so much for reading!  Writing has been something that I’ve never really enjoyed because no one (other than my language arts teachers) actually gets to read it.  However, it’s fun to see people following my blog, inserting comments, and learning a little bit more about my time in New York.

View from my the roof of my apartment!

I’d like to end with a little bit of advice, and I’ll keep it short and sweet because it looks like you are getting advice out the wazoo.

  1. Get feedback – As Tony Rucci once said (or as he said every single class), feedback is a gift.  This is the only opportunity you will have to truly reflect on your strengths and weaknesses.  Sit down with your manager, colleagues, and friends and ask them what you are doing well, and what you can improve on.  Don’t take the negatives to heart, but rather make yourself better by correcting them.
  2. Meet as many people as you can – Some of the most enriching aspects of my internship were the friendships that I made with my colleagues.  As long as you put a smile on and show that you are willing to help anyone with any sort of project by being a team player, people will recognize that and accept you as being part of the group.  I was the only intern in the multiple practices that I worked in, yet I fit right in as if I had been there for months.  Be yourself and simply be nice to people.  Kindness goes a long way.
  3. Have fun! – Oh! How cliche, Seth.  Ok, but seriously, enjoy yourself in whatever you do.  Find the right balance between work, friends, going out, playing sports, reading, relaxing, etc.  Everybody has an ideal balance to fulfill, yet I can guarantee that 99% of us college students haven’t actually found it yet.

A few quick shout outs: Thank you Mom, Kelli, Josh, Stubbs, and Xuan for visiting.  I had a blast with all of you!

Love you Mom and Kelli

Thank you again, everybody! I look forward to getting back to school and completing my senior year!

- Seth Myers

2 Responses to My Final Hoorah.

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Seth – I enjoyed reading your blog posts all summer long. Make sure you stop by Career Management and say hello when you get back. And great roof top view. Is that the Empire State building I see?

  2. Seth Myers says:

    Thanks, Mark! Yes, that’s the empire state building and the new york life building. You can also see the chrysler building and the brooklyn bridge! It was a great apartment.

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