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If you’ve ever wondered what the office of a CFO looks like, well, I can answer your question.  Lots of windows, an enormous but beautiful desk, some comfy looking chairs (I haven’t actually had the VIP invite to sit in one of them), a big meeting table, and shelfs filled with family pics and memorabilia.  Oh, and a plush carpet that makes me want to slip right out of my flip flops (because yes, everyone wheres them to work!)

If you’re wondering how I know this, it is NOT because I have been invited into these offices, I just sit on the 5th floor of the builiding, meaning every VP is right down the hall, but in fabulous AE fashion, they all have a welcoming open door policy.  But if you’re wondering if I’ve had exclusive intern meet and greets with all of them, including CEO Jim O’Donnell, the answer is yes, yes I have.

So if you want the scoop on what went down in these meet and greets, I’ll give it to you.  But no insider info on future trends, sorry readers, we have to keep that under wraps!

1. Keep Reading – it can be Salinger, Cosmo, Stan Lee, or Time, or whatever you want and whatever is relevant to your field.  Reading gives us ideas and keep us on our toes, two things that are crucial in the fast paced business world.

2. You’re either going to hate the business or love the business, you’ll never like it – I have learned, especially being in the fashion realm, but understanding the numbers behind the trends, that there is no such thing as a happy medium.  Selling average and just meeting the plan are bad.  Above average is what you should learn to love, my friends.

On a more personal note, I’ve found that I either LOVE what I’m doing at any given time (watching photoshoots, ranking assortments, picking colors and styles), or I absolutely HATE it (these jobs shall remain anonymous but we ALL have to do them, and do them well, to get noticed).  So don’t get discouraged when your Excel formula isn’t populating where is should be, or your Power Point slide has a typo, just fix it.  You’re an intern, you’re not perfect.

3. Network, Network, Network – Literally, I have no better advice.  MEET PEOPLE, TALK TO EVERYONE.   Other interns, people in your office, the girl who you park next to every day (literally, I always park next to the same girl in a huge parking garage) I bet you have no idea that a girl in your class has a mom who is a head cosmetics buyer for Macy’s.  Or that the senior in your 555 class interned for P&G last summer.  USE YOUR WORDS (but don’t get crazy, no one likes crazy talk) and make some connections (like real life LinkedIn). 

This is all for now! Happy weekend, Buckeyes!

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