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The answer is…

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Yes, I sampled 44 things at IFT.  I think that could give Jon Orlando a run for his money–though he has me beat when it comes to pizza.

Expo floor at IFT!


Here is the complete list:

  1. Chocolate truffle
  2. Maple syrup candy
  3. Soft serve vanilla yogurt
  4. Grapefruit tea
  5. Sundried tomato pesto (made by a chef on Hell’s Kitchen)
  6. Sundried tomato mac & cheese
  7. Mocha latte frapaccino
  8. Reduced sodium beef jerk
  9. Monterey jack cheese
  10. Pomegranate flavored dried cranberries
  11. Dried blueberries
  12. White chocolate
  13. Organic white chocolate
  14. Organic milk chocolate
  15. Kiwi juice
  16. Redhot chicken
  17. Vanilla and chocolate wafer
  18. Chocolate mint cookie
  19. Chicken with risoto
  20. High fiber hot dog
  21. Wheat pizza
  22. Dill pickle popcorn
  23. Mango salsa
  24. Green tea with lemon
  25. Carrot juice
  26. Bulgogi beef
  27. Smoked gouda sausage
  28. Haagen Dazs raspberry sorbet
  29. Sweet potato pasta snack
  30. Truffled chipotle mac & cheese
  31. Green tea cupcake
  32. Ice cream sandwich
  33. Dried apples
  34. Chocolate covered cherry
  35. Strawberry smoothie
  36. Rice salad
  37. Mashed potatoes in gravy
  38. Bread and salsa
  39. Short rib ragu
  40. Jasmine sunrise juice
  41. Szechuan green beans
  42. Chocolate lollipop
  43. Broccoli cheddar potatoes
  44. Fried potatoes

My favorite was the soft serve vanilla yogurt.  It made me miss UDF on campus.

3 Responses to The answer is…

  1. Seth Myers says:

    How was the sundried tomato mac & cheese??

  2. Pete Sobecki says:

    #8 and #39 sound delicious!

  3. Sara Weil says:

    The mac and cheese was essentially box-kraft with some extra flavor…not exactly gourmet.