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Are You a Team Player?

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Hello Readers–

In hope of improving my blogging skills & for a bit of entertainment I just happened to read the Club Trillion 2.0 blog for my first time.  I am assuming I’m just behind the time since I just now looked up why everyone has been wearing “Club Trill” t-shirts around campus, but if you don’t know already the blog is written by Mark Titus, former Ohio State Basketball player.  He, with two other teammates, entertain readers through a blog named after their plan as benchwarmers to get the “trillion” which happens when you play 1 minute, do absolutely nothing, and have stats that read 1,000,000,000,000.

If you’ve read the blog, I think you would agree that the three benchwarmers each did make unique contributions to the team even if they didn’t achieve double digit points in important games and high ranking stats at the year end.  On the same note, I’ve learned quickly as an intern that you have to realize where you fit in on your work team and even maybe harder, what skills you can contribute.  With only 8 weeks at GE, and four completed, I finally now feel like I am contributing to the team.

Now it’s your turn,  I’m not going to bore you in explaining my contributions just yet.  Rather, I challenge you to take just 5 minutes and follow my lead to complete a Team Role Model and to learn what your preference and focus is during teamwork and how this relates to the culture of the organizations and teams in which you work, study, and live in each day.

***Disclaimer: I did not come up with this model myself & am by NO means an expert on this topic, I simply found it beneficial & think you might too.  Beginning in the 1970s, Dr. Meredith Belbin began completing research on teams, and through time his definition of a Team Role came to be known as “A tendency to behave, contribute, and interrelate with others in particular way.” Keep in mind that this is just a model & it’s not proven true or accurate. Although, I recently completed this in a professional development seminar and I’m confident  when I say that at least 10 out of the 12 people I took it with naturally agreed with their results, including myself.

  1. Open the Excel File by clicking here: Being a Team Player, Belbin’s Model
  2. Follow the directions, and complete steps 1-4.
  3. Click HERE to read a very brief explanation of the roles, and if you become intrigued you can read more HERE.
  • It is interesting to consider how your preferences compare to your colleagues.  Take for example, your preferred work environment,  Structured vs. Relaxed or Professional dress vs. Smart casual, etc.  I, for example, as a Monitor/Evaluator get stressed out thinking about a meeting without an agenda but, a person who is a Plant would most likely never hold a meeting with an agenda and barely get past the idea stage.
  • Consider how your natural role aligns with the organizational culture of your current place of work, internship, or major…A place like Google with slides and fireman’s poles between floors, barely any dress code, free gymnasiums, and ‘chill spots’ with pool tables & snacks on each floor, would most likely attract a certain type of role…Can you guess?  Likewise, most banking institutions with more rigorous dress codes & structure have a tendency to attract the exact opposite role types.

    I only wish I could be part of this team! I joined the Chelsea team for a photo after my tour of Stamford Bridge Stadium, Home of the Blues.

Once again, I’m no expert, but if you were intrigued like me…Comment below and SHARE 1. your top three results 2. major, and 3. your thoughts!

Moore Next Time,

Mindy Moore

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  1. Margie says:

    Mindy – are you seriously in that photo – or is that Photo-shopped in? That’s awesome!!!

  2. Margie says:

    Ok so Mark just told me you’re sitting in front of a poster – ha ha! I knew it was fake but I thought you used photo shop magic :)