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Adventures in Food and Love

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Hi everyone!

I know I haven’t updated you in awhile, but so much has been going on I barely have time to check facebook (whoa, I know). 

Last week we hosted a sustainability conference where people from Europe and all over the U.S. came in to discuss sustainable agricultural practices and how Nestle can make a connection between consumers and the raw materials to make them feel more a part of sustainability. 

You might know the Haagen-Dazs campaign, Haagen-Dazs loves honey bees.  Hopefully, you’ll be seeing some “Gerber Grows Greatness” (I just made that up, side effect of being a marketing major) campaigns.

A major highlight of the conference for all you ladies out there was the visit to a bean field.  Farmer Paul wasn’t able to give us a tour, so his son, Farmer Dan, showed us around.  How is it that I go to school with over 25,000 guys and I end up in the middle of no-where Michigan and fall in love!? Unfortunately he’s engaged, but I’m really starting to see the perks of getting in touch with suppliers.   

Now, for some trivia.  I went to the IFT, Institute of Food Technologists, Expo in Chicago two weeks ago, and if you go to Cosco for the samples, you better consider buying a ticket for this thing next year.  Guess how many samples I ate!  I’ll list everything I tried in my next post.

3 Responses to Adventures in Food and Love

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    I wonder . . . is the IFT Expo anything like the Ohio State Fair? Everthing and anything that can be deep fried. :)

  2. Sara Weil says:

    It actually is more about suppliers who incorporate omega 3′s, less sodium, flavors, vitamins and other health initiatives into products! But that’s not to say everything there was healthy….

  3. Seth Myers says:

    My guess for the number of samples you consumed: 27. Farmer Paul sounds a lot like Xuan… Mmmm.

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