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Jersey Shore & more internship stuff

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Jersey Shore & more internship stuff

“Traders on the increasingly quiet floor said it was one of the most crowded days in years as the deeply tanned members of the MTV hit rang the bell and stayed to sign autographs amid a crush of onlookers and a flood of media.” That’s from a local newspaper, referring to the cast of Jersey Shore. As I walked by the NYSE on my morning commute to the office, I noticed a large number of flashing cameras. This was before I had my morning coffee so it took me a while to realize I was walking next to the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore. I would say that they’re not too famous because I didn’t see any security around them, but at the same time there were numerous men in their 50’s and 60’s frantically snapping pictures on their blackberries. Hopefully it was just to impress their children.

Back to internship related things. Last week our client released their second quarter earnings. It seemed like everyone around the office was pretty busy/stressed in the days leading up to the event. I wish I could share more about the work leading up to the earnings release but many times when the workload picks up they simply don’t have time to explain each and every task to an intern. It’s pretty rough when you don’t have any responsibilities, but it’s important to remember that you’re always being evaluated. Continue to ask for work, be professional, be patient, and keep a positive attitude. Work will eventually come your way.

Speaking of evaluations, let me explain the process of performance evaluations for the interns at Deloitte. Towards the beginning of the summer each intern was responsible for compiling a list of goals to be completed before the conclusion of the internship. The goal-setting process is useful for a number of reasons. It helps you understand what is expected of you, it’s an easy way to examine your progress over the summer, and it should help you determine whether or not you’re going to be considered for a full-time offer. It’s also the key component of mid-point evaluations with HR and your assigned counselor, which again will reinforce whether or not you’re meeting expectations. It’s good to receive that feedback when you’re new to the workplace. In school it’s easy to judge how you’re doing because you’re graded based upon performance. Everything isn’t always so black or white on the job, so it’s nice to have that additional feedback. That’s all for this post. I have some things to finish before I head home for the night.

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