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Decision Making 101

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Hi Everyone!

Sorry that I haven’t posted much lately, but I had an conflict with my internship that put my posts on a bit of a hiatus.  However, now I’m back and would love to share the lessons that I learned from it.

Throughout my first week, I was feeling a little bit of discomfort with my internship.  It was not the work that I was performing, nor was it my co-workers.  In fact, I was on the verge of beginning an exciting research project, and my co-workers were a great bunch of people to be around.  The real issues were my commute and safety.

My commute took up to 2 hours one-way.  Because of this, my supervisor cut my hours so I could beat the awful Dublin traffic.  Factor in lunch and tea breaks (those are expected here), and my commute was as long as the time that I spent working in the office.  As for safety, I just wasn’t comfortable in the location where I was working.  Not only was it far, but it was somewhat desolate.  Also, I was hearing of several incidents in the area that called my personal well-being into question.

I was debating on changing my internship placement, but I really had no idea what to do.  I’m not one for making decisions.  My family and friends can confirm that.  For example, someone once asked me if I am indecisive, and my reply was, “I don’t know.”
I usually just do whatever I feel or ask for others opinions and recommendations.  So, considering both sides of the situation was extremely difficult for me:

On one hand:  Maybe I am overreacting.  After all, EUSA has had interns there in the past with no problems.  If I do switch, what if I regret it?  What if my new placement is awful?  There’s a possibility that my new co-workers aren’t friendly and that I might just be doing insignificant busy work.

On the other hand: Do I really want to spend half of my day in transit?  All the other interns were getting more hours and more experience at their placements.  During that extra time, I could be learning so much more from my internship.  Regarding my safety, the only thing I can do is take myself out of that situation.

Dilemma: A job at Basketball Ireland is ideal for me and my professional goals.  I’d love to get into sports marketing as a career, and this job could give me great experience and references for the future.  Quite frankly, the National Governing Body of a sport would really boost my resume.  However, is losing so much time and risking my safety worth it?

This decision was tough, but in the end I chose to do what was best for me.  (Wow!  That sounded just like the pitiful statement from LeBron James just a few weeks ago.)  No, I didn’t choose to take my talents to South Beach.  I did however, decide to leave my internship with Basketball Ireland.  There were 2 important factors for me: 1.) If I stayed at BI, would I have made the most of my internship here in Ireland?  The answer was obviously no.  I feel like I would have missed out on a lot, especially only working half the hours.  2.)  No matter what, I have to put my well-being above anything else.  Whether my decision will pay off or not remains to be seen, but at least I gave it a great deal of thought and consideration.  Believe it or not, that was the easier part.  The hardest part about this was that I had to tell my supervisor, which will be the topic of my next post!

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