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Holy “Bear Creek”!

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Hey Followers!

Yesterday I learned something useful.  If you find yourself driving into work during a thunderstorm and it’s raining cats and dogs, there are a couple rules you should follow:

1)  Always carry an umbrella in your car.  Put this in your back seat, it defeats the purpose if you have to get out of your car in the storm and go to your trunk to get it.

2) A poncho would be a nice too, but not necessary.  This could result in some workplace badgering.

3) Keep a spare pair of clothes at your work if you neglect following Rule #1 and/or Rule #2.

3) When driving into the work parking lot, be cautious if you’re driving through multiple inches of water.

4) Be cautious of where you park your car. (Especially when the parking lot is in a valley)

5) Arriving early to work on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 can increase your “risk of danger” during storms in Hannibal, Missouri.

*If you choose to NOT follow these few simple rules, the following could happen to your car*

Can You Spot the Buried Car?

So I got into work early yesterday to get caught up because I am leaving today for the Chicago area.  So when I was driving into work, I drove through a couple inches of water, no big deal, right? Wrong!  Within 15 minutes of being at work, the local creek, Bear Creek, flooded our parking lot and cars were getting buried.  People were running to move their cars from the “Danger Zone,” me included.  Employees were waist deep in water trying to assist coworkers in getting their cars out of the water.

Who was it that said nothing exciting ever happens in Hannibal?!

Well I gotta catch my ride to Chicago.

Until Next Time!

~Paul Sobecki

4 Responses to Holy “Bear Creek”!

  1. Sarah Hill says:


    I hope that is not Sam Woods’ car!!! Interesting tips. I learn so much from these blogs:-)

  2. Karen Sobecki says:

    Good tips, you know how I like being prepared for the ‘what if’

  3. Dad says:

    If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s soggy cereal. Hope the water didn’t get to the cereal.

  4. Alex Shellhammer says:

    Dude, that’s my car!

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