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Unexpected Lessons from a Thunder Storm

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Here’s a riddle for you: What do my computer at work and Touchdown Jesus have in common?  If you guessed that both were the victims of a thunder storm this summer then you guessed right.  Two weeks ago, while I was at work at the ALS Association office there was a nasty storm going on outside.  I was finishing up making some phone calls, when my computer screen suddenly went black.

As the ALS Association is a small non-profit, it doesn’t have any brand new computers lying around, just in case an intern comes along.  But when they found out they were getting an intern from the Columbus Foundation, they were excited and had my desk all set up with my own computer.  Since then though, I’ve had a few little glitches with it, including one where we had to call the tech guy.

When my computer went out during the storm, I assumed it was just happening again.  But this time it wasn’t turning back on.  It turns out that lightning had struck one of the building’s transformers, crashing my computer and frying our phone system.  My computer, as it turned out, wasn’t completely lost–only the image card was damaged and that’s supposed to be a quick fix. Luckily, I had all of my files saved on the network rather than my computer and they had a donated laptop that I could use temporarily, while mine is being repaired.

Not so luckily, our phone system had to be completely replaced and we had limited phone use all week.  Monday, we didn’t have phones at all, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we had four phone lines but no voicemail, and Friday, the entire day was spent installing a new system.  Who knew that it could take so long to put in a system for an office of 10 people?? Now we’re still working out a few kinks in the system, but the phones are up and running again.

This whole hectic week has really shown me the importance of being patient and flexible.  Patient with my new computer, which doesn’t go quite as fast as my old one, and flexible in that you have to be prepared for whatever unexpected issues pop up.  Though you may have a lot of work to do, things like this are going to happen and there’s not much you can do but make the best of it!

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  1. Sarah Hill says:


    I would guess that flexibilty is probably one of the most important characteristics of people who are successful in non-profits. To look at the bright side, it’s good that you are getting a “real life” sense of the challenges you might face in this field. I like the positive attitude!

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