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Places you HAVE to eat in NYC #5-1

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Welcome back for more outstanding, delicious, delectable treats!  Now, back to the list!

Guacamole at Rosa Mexicano

5) Anywhere in Chinatown – Dumplings I’m sorry that this one isn’t more specific, but it doesn’t really need to be (it’s more about the experience than the actual food, although it is good!). When I found out I’d be going to NYC, family friends told me that I absolutely HAD to stay out all night and eat dumplings in Chinatown as the sun rose.  It’s absolutely one of my favorite things I’ve done here!

4) Rosa Mexicano – Mexican/Guacamole While definitely another shout out to my friends back at OSU, this was hands down the best guacamole I’ve ever had.  Also, it was pretty cool that they made it right in front of you.  And it was pretty hilarious when they spilled a whole bowl down my sister’s dress, and then gave us four AMAZING desserts to apologize :)

3) Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory – Ice Cream (Pralines and Cream!) I love ice cream, but this is definitely another place that is more of an experience than anything.  Check out this view:

Manhattan from Brooklyn

2) Brasserie Les Halles – French Food Oh yum.  Just thinking about this place again makes me hungry.  This fabulous little slice of heaven is the “home base of Anthony Bourdain,” which is impressive.  Here, I enjoyed my first escargot (you’ve gotta try it, it’s amazing!), steak tartare, and confit de canard.  I actually couldn’t speak after I tried the confit – I was too busy being knocked off my feet!

1) My apartment! Okay, I don’t mean to brag, but I’m becoming quite the little chef.  Maybe I’m inspired by all the culinary treats around me, but I’m creating some pretty great dishes of my own!  This Sunday, I had a friend from high school over for stuffed red peppers and some matching red wine – what do you think?

3 Responses to Places you HAVE to eat in NYC #5-1

  1. Sarah Hill says:


    Your red peppers look delicious! It definitely looks like you are eating your way through NYC:-)


  2. Lori Moore says:


    Mindy could use some help on cooking. You are a blessing to her. Sounds like you are loving New York! Enjoy!

    Lori Moore

  3. Lauren Acton says:

    Lori I miss you! Is it okay if I come visit when I get home?

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