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First Week at Basketball Ireland

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My first week at BI was an experience like that of anyone’s first week at a new job.  I took a lot of time to learn where things were in the office and got to know the staff.  I found out that two of my co-workers have played professional basketball in Europe.  I was very excited to know that I would be working with experienced professionals.  I did not meet my direct supervisor, Shane, until the end of the week.  He was very accommodating and easy to talk to.  Everyone in the office was extremely friendly, helpful, and patient with me when I had questions about certain tasks.

The National Basketball Arena in Tallaght

They did not waste any time in putting me to work.  Summer is the season of international play for BI.  This international play is to prepare the teams for the FIBA European Championships at the end of the summer.  FIBA (The International Basketball Federation) is the governing body of basketball throughout the world.  Each region of FIBA has a Championship (5 regions, generally divided by continents).  Then there is a FIBA World Championship, which I think is held every 4 years.  The next and highest step on the basketball ladder would be the Olympics.

My biggest project was to help out with social media (Blogs, Facebook, BI website).  I was assigned to update, edit, and even write blog posts for the Under 16 and Under 18 Men’s and Women’s teams (4 teams total).  In order to do this, one of my tasks was to keep constant track of these teams in international play.  I had to contact coaches and assistants of each team regularly to obtain information, scores, and pictures of each game played.  This became very confusing because each team participates in different tournaments around the world at the same time.

Another responsibility of mine was to add files to Basketball Ireland’s Coaching Database on Excel.  This did not sound like too much fun and it wasn’t, but it had to be done to make the office more efficient.  All basketball coaches in Ireland need to take certain classes and obtain certification in order to begin coaching.  Basketball Ireland has all of these paper files over a 12-year span of time.  My job was to input them in the Coaching Database, but at least I didn’t have to do all of them at once.

My final job for the week was to help out with Gormanston Camp, the longest running basketball camp in Ireland.  One of my co-workers is in charge of organizing and running the camp.  Gormanston Camp is a week-long basketball camp at a local college.  It’s designed for youths to improve their skills and work with some of the best coaches in Ireland, and even the world.  I created a blog for the camp and helped arrange the room assignments for all the players at the camp.

It was a little bit hectic, performing so many different tasks in one week.  I felt that I did well in my first week, which will help me earn more responsiblities in the future.  There will certainly be more projects to look forward to!

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  1. Salve says:

    Aimee…You did well in your Decision Making 101. You considered important factors and weighed them well in arriving at your final decision. Great job.

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