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Peas and Boats

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Hello blog buddies!

I owe you some pea pictures, and here they are!

Driving the pea harvester.

Here are some fun pea facts:

-Once peas are ready, you have 24 hours to harvest them

-Since the window to harvest peas is so small, people harvesting peas will spend up to 20 hours in the fields a day!

-You drive pea harvesters at 1.5-2 miles an hour. That’s slow.

-Peas can only be sold frozen or canned because 24 hours after they are picked they become too hard to eat

-Peas are picked based on their tenderness, aka how easy they are to smush.

Yeah, I drove that.

Have you seen those Lay’s commercials where farmers argue about which state grows the best potatoes?  Well the grower who owns the pea fields also plants potatoes for Frito-Lay.   We walked by their fields, maybe the best potatoes are from Michigan–I know the best peas are!

Nestle has given me great opportunities to work with people all over the country. Part of my project involves approving new suppliers.  Hang  tight for a sec (don’t ditch and scroll down yet!), I need to share advice (it’s part of this blogging deal).  Talk to as many people as you can!  I talk to people from Canada  all the way to California, from Quality Assurance to Finance.  It’s tuition free learning!

Tubing on Lake Michigan!

So, even though we drive by Amish buggies almost every day on the way to work, my summer isn’t all farm and country.  Michigan has beautiful lakes (duh…) and my mentor happens to have a sailboat and powerboat on one!  She and her family took the other intern and me out on the lake and it was amazing!  I did not fall out of the tube, and my biceps definitely felt the burn the next day.  If you think Nestle, the LARGEST food company is intimidating, think again.  Even though I’ve been warned about wearing OSU gear, everyone is friendly and willing to share their Wonka gummy bugs with me!

p.s. Gerber cares about the Mom’s taste–sorry babies!

p.s.2 I learned how to use the link function.

3 Responses to Peas and Boats

  1. Seth Myers says:

    Don’t look so distressed while tubing. It is actually a fun activity…

  2. Paul Sobecki says:

    The “best” of something can really come from Michigan?

  3. Terra says:

    Sara, I love the blog! And of course Michigan is fantastic :)

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