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The Importance of: 91

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People are starting to get on me because I have not posted in a while. 91 people to be exact.

91: the number of interns working at Cardinal Health this summer.   

And they are 91 of the most ambitious students I have ever met; from Harvard to the University of Chicago and Notre Dame to right in our backyard at Fisher.

91: Interns at the Welcome Reception!

 While making our way through what seems to be endless days here at Cardinal, we have slowly found that seeking each other has become beneficial to our own success.  While we are all working incredibly hard on our individual projects, we all know that there is one hour in our day that we are able to shut down, relax, talk, and laugh with the other interns. Lunch! It is quite a relief to know that they are right there next to you, in the same position, sharing this new experience.

It is also nice to know that we are able to reach out and get involved with Cardinal in ways most employees cannot. We have speaker series with the executive teams, lunch with other interns, community service projects, TOMS SHOES (buy some!), tours of other campuses, social events, and a committee dedicated to intern career development (scavenger hunt coming soon).

Nancy getting her makeup done for the shoot!

We were able to have a Welcome reception with the CEO and entire executive team, had an intern photoshoot with lighting, staging, and make-up, and went to see Toy Story 3 (be jealous because none of us brought our “angry eyes” – although I may or may not have cried – if you know me, you know the answer).  Yesterday,  I climbed a 45 foot telephone pole and jumped off of it, placing all my trust in other interns holding on to my rope. This was not a dream/nightmare. Pictures to follow.

While this is all fun and games, the count down has begun for me to travel to warmer climates (like Lebron). RBC is in ONE WEEK and things are getting crazy. I find myself losing track of time and staying late. Good thing I love what I do! And good thing I get to vent to 91 other interns as my to-do list grows to 4 pages (today).

So I will grab Nancy if I want a 1 minute lunch, grab Em if I need a quick coffee break, and grab Jon and KJ when I need a laugh (as I often do).

Countdown to RBC in Denver: 6 days

Countdown to National Meeting in Anaheim: 31 days




2 Responses to The Importance of: 91

  1. Sarah Hill says:


    It’s great to hear that you have such a good relationship with the other interns.

    PS – TOMS are on my to-buy list!

  2. Paul Sobecki says:

    Guess who is going to Chicago this weekend? Actually, tomorrow,Wednesday-Sunday!