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Life in Seattle

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I am steadily working on my long list of things to do while here in Seattle.  I live about 10 minutes away from downtown, and there is always an abundance of restaurants, bars, shows, and concerts to go to.  This past weekend though I took a trip out of downtown to Mount Rainier.

Jocelyn and I making our way to Mt. Rainier.

My girlfriend and I drove an entire loop around the mountain stopping at interesting places along the way.  Northwest Trek, for instance, is an outdoor free-range zoo that we took an hour-long tram ride through.  There were bison, moose, and mountain goats that would come right up to the tram within arms distance. We also drove up some extremely winding mountain roads to a national park that just goes by the name “Paradise”. We spent the night at the largest ski resort in Washington named Crystal Mountain, where we took 2 chairlifts to the top of the mountain to a lodge where we ate dinner.  The next day we made our way home to watch the fireworks at Gas Works Park, a waterfront park built on the remains of an old natural gas refinery.  Our next trip will have to be north and in to Puget Sound where we can explore some of the islands.  I’ll keep you all posted!

The Crystal Mountain ski lodge.

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  1. Margie says:

    You’re in a beautiful part of the world! Take lots of pics!!

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