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Springfield, Illinois: Lincoln, Horseshoe Sandwiches, and Auditing

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Springfield, Illinois is known for being the city where Abraham Lincoln, one of America’s greatest Presidents, got his start in politics.  It is also said to be the place where corn dogs were created (although that claim is disputed), and is the home to the famous Horseshoe Sandwich.

I had the great privilege of sampling one of these culinary masterpieces during my stay in Springfield and let me tell you, it was…interesting.  A Horseshoe Sandwich is made with two slices of bread laid next to each other on a plate, with a hamburger patty on each slice of bread, and is then covered with Horseshoe Sauce.  Horseshoe Sauce tends to vary from restaurant to restaurant but is basically a cheese-based sauce with some other additions like mustard or mayonnaise.  I bet right now you’re thinking: OK, so basically a Horseshoe Sandwich is a non-traditional cheeseburger without fries?  If that actually is what you’re thinking, you’re wrong! On a Horseshoe Sandwich, the fries are included…on top of the sandwich!  (I’m sure what you’re actually thinking right now is: Did he really just talk about a sandwich for a paragraph and half?  Yes.  Yes I did.)

When I wasn’t sampling the local cuisine, I was working with my engagement team members on an audit of an insurance company.  Being on an out of town client was great because I spent a lot of time with the team and really got to know everyone, including the partner and senior managers.  Everyone I worked with was very helpful and answered any questions that I had, even if they were a bit basic.  The people at KPMG understand where you are coming from because most of them were interns at one point and were definitely first year associates back in the day with many of the same questions.   I was fortunate enough to be on the same client for two weeks and gained a lot of knowledge about the processes associated with an audit.  I also formed some great relationships with the people on my team and look forward to working with them when I return from Dublin.

Speaking of Dublin, I arrived on Saturday, July 3rd and I began work on Monday July 5th with KPMG Ireland in their Dublin Corporate Finance office.  Although I was not in the United States for the 4th of July, I still had a great day.   I’m in the process of adjusting to the time difference (Dublin is five hours ahead of Eastern Time) and am headed to bed to continue that process.  Next topic: My 4th of July in Dublin.

3 Responses to Springfield, Illinois: Lincoln, Horseshoe Sandwiches, and Auditing

  1. Margie says:

    Josh – I don’t blame you for talking about food for a paragraph and a half – it’s a very interesting part of traveling around to other cities in the US and abroad – so, can’t wait to hear more about Dublin cuisine!

  2. Sarah Hill says:

    Very interesting sandwich. Thanks for the details! I always take pictures of food when I travel because sometimes words just aren’t enough :-)

  3. Anna Sary says:

    Josh – You mean, the Horseshoe Sandwich beats a trip to good ol’ Red Robin?! Your Mom and I just had some tasty burgers there the other day. :-)