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Office Antics…

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** Pre-blog disclaimer: Even though the following material contains tales of distraction and non-work related incidents, I am genuinely completing projects and learning a lot of transferable skills! We will get to the projects once they fully mature. ** 

General Rules of the Office: 

1.)     When challenged to a competition, accept the challenge. To insure that employees keep their word, make sure that it’s in writing (ink or blood). If you win the challenge, you get a lot of “street” credit in the office. Should you happen to lose, you’re still the worthless intern and life goes on. 

Computer of Analyst from Emory. He hates OSU and Pryor

- Challenge: JPMorgan Corporate Challenge (Running Race) 

-Location: Central Park 

-Distance: 3.5 Miles 

- Details: 30,000 employees from multiple companies all over NYC 

- Wager: I win – Cocky and arrogant former tennis player from Emory puts anything I want as his desktop background for the entire summer.  I lose - I must call him by an official title (Master, Sir, Your Highness… you get the point) for the remainder of the summer. 

** Outcome: Look at the picture… Enough said. If you have any other desktop background ideas, I would love to hear them. I can change his background any and every day. Poor, poor fellow. Fortunately, I won the race; however, now he challenges me to all sorts of random competitions to try to regain his pride. ** 

2.)     Avoid obtaining any sort of balls, toys, fun gadgets… I don’t know about you, but I am easily distracted. Somehow, I ended up with 3 “Duff & Phelps” juggling balls. Now, not only am I always fiddling with them, but also I have also managed to acquire other balls for my collection (D&P football, stress ball, plastic golf ball). Additionally, some employees find it funny to occasionally hide the balls through out my cube. This poses two problems: I’ve lost members of my ball family and I spend precious time searching for my long lost toys. 

 ** My Advice: Don’t even get started in this un-ending cycle of distraction and distress. **

3.)     Never leave your computer unattended without locking it… Sensible reasoning: Who knows what confidential material may lay open for others to see. More accurate reasoning: People love to mess with the intern! 

People in New York aren't too fond of Ohio State

When first asked where I’m from and I respond Ohio State, most people say, “Wanna hear a funny joke? How do you get an OSU student off of your porch? You pay for the pizza!” Let’s just say that some people don’t fully understand how good of a school OSU really is. No, I don’t live on a farm, I don’t drive a tractor, and I don’t go to church every single day, but thank you for asking! 

In short, walking away from your unlocked computer can easily lead to situations like the one on the left. Most people don’t even know where Ohio is located, but somehow they all know about the  rivalry. If I have to define a buckeye one more time, I might go crazy! Non-midwesterners just don’t get it.

** In Conclusion: Play along with your colleagues, avoid office distractions, and watch your back! ** 
Side note:  Thanks for visiting NYC, Ankit Shah. Es lo que hacemos… per your request.


8 Responses to Office Antics…

  1. Jenny Yan says:

    ouch seth.. no shoutout for me :(

    1. everyone at J&J is from penn state so i get nasty ohio state comments all the time
    2. i have the same laptop and monitor

  2. Mark Wilson says:

    Congratulations on winning your bet! Even though everyone seems to be giving you grief about being from Ohio – it sounds like you are representing OSU very well and building a positive reputation around the office. But I guess if you shout “OH” at the office you do not hear a reply. Sometimes it can be lonely as a buckeye.

    Hang in there!

  3. Sara Weil says:

    You think you have it bad? I’M IN MICHIGAN!!!

  4. Sarah Hill says:

    Seth, I enjoyed your post. The good thing is that it usually only takes one “incident” to remind you to always lock your computer :-)

  5. Alex Shellhammer says:

    HELLO – I visited too! And we have a Michigan intern here – I should probably mess with him.

  6. Margie says:

    Great lessons learned, Seth! And a great post – I was laughing all the way through it! Sounds like [from other comments]you need a few more shout outs or you may not have as many friends when you get back!

  7. Joel says:


    Get back to work (or scheming new revenge pranks for the Cocky mory Tennis Player).

  8. Robert Chabot says:

    Excellent post. Here are some new wallpapers to share with your humbled friend from Emory:,,