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Monday Funday

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See that guy in green? Ya, that's Ludacris!

Hi Everyone!

I know I owe you a blog on my projects and my work life, but I just gotta let this blog out first!

What did you do Monday night?  I had to work late.  With Nestle, it never ends, well, the fun never ends.  My buddy and I went to a Ludacris concert at the Muskegon Summer Celebration.  AMAZING! Nestle assigns every intern a buddy and gives them a budget to do fun things, pretty sweet deal, right?  I think so. Corndog+Softserve+Ludacris=Nestle is an awesome company that cares about a work/life balance and developing its employees through great experiences, in and outside of the office!

My buddy and me at the concert

Of course, we work hard AND play hard.  I have been meeting people from every department, not just procurement.  Having an interest in marketing, I have been able to speak with people involved with marketing services, product development, sensory testing and focus groups, and so many more!  It’s great to see how every part of the business ties together.

Now when you think of supply chain, it’s not just the factory operations, the logistics, the purchasing, it’s the raw materials too!  Thursday I am going pea harvesting–think Dirty Jobs.  I am hoping to get my hands dirty and learn about the entire harvest process.  I’ll definitely bring my camera–get ready for some great pictures!

4 Responses to Monday Funday

  1. Sarah Hill says:

    Sara – It’s great to see that Nestle supports a work/life balance. Pea harvesting sounds interesting to say the least. It must be a LOT cooler in Michigan since you are both wearing long sleeves. It’s hot hot hot in OH-IO!

  2. Dad says:

    1. “My buddy and I ….”

    2. What about the mother vs baby tasting? We are waiting wiht antici … pation.

  3. Sara Weil says:

    I believe it is “my buddy and me” since it is essentially saying “this is my buddy and me at the concert,” “this” being the subject (this picture), “me” being the object. You may have interpretted as “I am at the concert.”

  4. Seth Myers says:

    Thanks for the grammar lesson, Sara. I wouldn’t have expected any less

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