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Settling In and Learning About Dublin

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Our Apartment Complex in Dublin

Well, it has been an exciting first week here in Dublin!  We were given the chance to settle into our apartments and explore the city before our internships start.  Our apartment complex is 3 miles Northeast of Dublin, and it is equipped with most amenities needed for our 2 month stay.  Each apartment has 4 bedrooms (each with its own bathroom), a kitchen, and common area.

A couple things to know about business in Dublin:

1.) Businesses are much smaller in size (after all, there are only less than 5 million people in Ireland, 1 million of which reside in the Greater Dublin area).  A large number of businesses have less than 15 employees.

2.) The average commute to work in Dublin is about 1 hour.  Needless to say, traffic can get pretty bad.  This is because most people work in Dublin City Centre.  Also, there are no school buses, so parents must drive their kids to and from school each day.

My interview went very well.  The National Basketball Arena is in Tallaght, a 1 1/2-2 hour bus ride from my apartment.  My interview was more of a tour of the facility than a formal interview.  I met almost everyone in the office which consists of around 12 people.  I have my own desk and computer, which is pretty cool.  Also, one of the first things that I noticed was that the sporting facilities in Ireland are not nearly as grand and updated as the facilities in the States.  Nonetheless, they hold really exciting and interesting events, such as international competitions.  I’m definitely nervous and excited to start work.

I have already learned so much about the people, the lifestyle, and the culture of Ireland.  The Irish are extremely friendly.  They generally love Americans.  Once the locals hear us speak, they ask tons of questions about where we’re from, why we’re in Ireland, and if we’re enjoying our stay.  So far, this has happened to us several times a day.  They’re also very educated on current events in the States and are genuinely interested in hearing our opinions about them.

Dublin City Centre at Rush Hour

Most stores, restaurants, and businesses close early, so people could leave work and be at home with their families.  Irish lifestyle is very focused on the family.  Nothing is open for 24 hours, not even convenience stores.  Daylight hours are very long.  The sun rises after 4:00 am, and it is not dark until after 10:00 pm (18 hours of daylight).  Pub culture is also a huge part of Irish lifestyle.  People go to pubs to meet with colleagues and friends regularly to enjoy a pint and/or watch sporting events.  Ireland is a country grounded in tradition.  Throughout the nation, there is so much to learn about its politcal and religious history, music and dancing, folktales, literature, and customs.  During my stay, I hope to experience as much of this culture as possible.

I’ll keep you posted on our adventures!

2 Responses to Settling In and Learning About Dublin

  1. Sarah Hill says:

    Hi Aimee,

    What an exciting experience for you! I love Ireland and I think it would be amazing to live and work in Dublin for a few months. When I was there I remember thinking that it would never get dark.

    Enjoy the people, the culture, and the work experience!

  2. Margie says:

    I remember when we were in Dublin, taking the taxi to the airport and it was so slow moving and I said to the cabbie – very friendly guy – so it will probably open up once we’re out of the city and he said “oh no, it will be like this the whole way!!” We did get there on time but you really have to plan for that traffic!

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