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The King

The King


“This, after all, is why they are called superstars.



They are different from the rest.

They move the needle.”

Howard Bryant, ESPN.




Now that the NBA Finals are over, my LeBron tracker is turned on, and Wimbledon is in full swing (no pun intended) with record breaking matches , I have decided that if Kobe, LeBron, and Isner (bet you had no idea who that was before today) can be superstars, than I can be one too.

Well, at least a superstar at Cardinal Health.

The new plan to become this “superstar” came with a simple suggestion from good ol’ sports writer Howard Bryant. Be different and move the needle.  Doesn’t sound too difficult, right? I have found in my first 10 days that learning this company will be more difficult than expected. While I have done the research, know who George Barrett is (even where he went to school and his salary), understand the general vision and mission of Cardinal Health, I am still not an expert at setting up meetings on Outlook…

BUT I am so BUSY already…

My internship is different than others at Cardinal in that I do not focus on one general Business Unit. (A business unit is a sector at Cardinal Health dedicated to a certain product, like Nursing or Surgical Products or a certian position like Pharma Sales.) Lucky me, I get to work with all of them! My direct project is to work on the National Meeting which takes place in Anaheim, California in August…and yes, I do get to go, thanks for wondering. I am also indirectly helping with the Retail Business Conference which takes place in Denver, Colorado in July (the answer is yes…).

These meetings will embody all of Cardinal Health and the Executive Teams to create tradeshows with suppliers, Continuing Education Programs for clients, sales training, and so much more! The Retail Business Conference will have over 6,000 members attend and the National Meeting will have 2,000 Cardinal employees.

But, isn’t planning events easy?

While you may believe that planning events is “easy”, I have come to find that there is more to it than one would think, especially if you have 2,000 employees coming from our CEO to a (just as important) sales representative from Hannibal, Missouri. But there is also a system to the madness; if you understand Excel and Access. Yup, CS&E 200 may have earned me a few points at work! You just have to have patience, think hard,  come up with creative solutions, and have a positive attitude (saying “That’s great!” seriously works)!

I’m not an analytical person, but when it comes to making people happy, then I can, perhaps, be a superstar.

5 Responses to Superstar?

  1. Margie says:

    Alex – love your thoughts here – we all have the potential to be superstars. It’s just that some are more widely known than others!!

  2. Paul Sobecki says:

    You taking a shot at Hannibal, Missouri? Better be careful…

  3. Sarah Hill says:

    I am 110% confident that you can be a superstar!!!

  4. Grandma Dottie says:

    You make me happy – love “GG”

  5. Alyssa Hurt says:

    I think you are amazing and I love reading this blog!

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