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KPMG Chicago: The First Days

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The accounting industry is driven by deadlines.  Clients require work to be completed by a certain deadline in order to file reports with various regulatory agencies.  I was aware of the importance of deadlines before starting at KPMG and even had first hand experience meeting deadlines before I started!  With my last final ending at 9:18 pm on June 7th and my internship beginning at 8 am on June 9th, I had very limited time to pack for Chicago (as well as Dublin) and move into my apartment in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago.  Fortunately, with the assistance of my girlfriend and one of my good friends (thank you Caroline and Alex!), I was able to bring everything I needed and made it to Chicago in time for my first day.

As a Cleveland native, I unfortunately have never had the privilege of experiencing the excitement of having a professional sports team win a national championship.  However, that all changed after only a day in Chicago as the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Philadelphia Flyers and won the Stanley Cup.  It was a great experience to celebrate with the people of Chicago and attend the ticker tape parade on the following Friday.  Thank you Chicago for giving me something that Cleveland has been unable to provide for quite some time now.

Clark Street shortly after victory by the Blackhawks

One of the highlights of the first week of training at KPMG was meeting all of the other interns that are participating in the Global Internship Program (GIP).  We had spoken during a couple conference calls, but during training we were able to meet face to face while learning more about what to expect from the GIP.  KPMG did an excellent job of informing us of the firm’s expectations for the program as well as providing us with all the resources we need to succeed.   One of my future posts will be focused on the GIP and I will go more into detail about the process of being accepted into the program, as well as the training and other resources provided to the participants.

National Intern Training focused on the basic processes and principles of an audit as well as technical training on KPMG’s new paperless audit system, eAudit.  This system is not only much more efficient than previous paper-based systems, but is also more environmentally friendly as it eliminates the need for binders filled with hardcopies.  On the last night of the training program, KPMG rented out 10 Pin, an upscale bowling alley, and we spent the night bowling and getting to know each other better.  Fortunately for me, KPMG does not take bowling into account during performance reviews.

As I write this blog now, I am actually on a train headed to Springfield, Illinois to work on my first audit engagement.  This is exciting for many reasons, one of those reasons being that this is my first time on a train.  I am also excited to apply the knowledge I gained during training to my first client and work with my engagement team to learn more about KPMG and its audit practices.

I’ve been told by interns native to Illinois from the Chicago office to try a Horseshoe sandwich, as it apparently is something central Illinois is known for.  I’ll be sure to update you on the quality of that sandwich, as well as the rest of my experience.  Keep it classy Columbus! (I know that’s a very unoriginal sign off…help me think of a more creative one! Make suggestions in the comments!)

- Josh

2 Responses to KPMG Chicago: The First Days

  1. Lorraine Pennyman says:

    Josh sounds like you are having a great time! I really appreciate your blog. Please let me know exactly what a Horsehoe sandwich is–sounds interesting.

  2. Sarah Hill says:


    How exciting that you get to work in both Chicago and Dublin this summer!! I also look forward to the full report on the sandwich.

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