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Very Aerie

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Just Another Day at the BEAUTIFUL Office!

Week one is all done, and while navigating the streets of downtown Pittsburgh hasn’t exactly been a joy ride (even with my trusty GPS), working for American Eagle has been! My internship is essentially a ten week interview, and its definitely going to be a great learning and networking experience!

Think meet and greets with top execs, walls lined with ahead of the trend clothes, video conferences with New York City designers, people who LOVE their jobs, and bosses who truly value your opinion.  In fact, during my first week an intern from Indiana University and I got to pick out the new Aerie makeup pallets and graphic tees! (Sorry, no sneak peaks, you’ll just have to check out the Spring ’11 collection!)

Other cool events include:

1. Working in an actual Aerie store for an afternoon

2. Selecting the prints and patterns for the Spring ’11 and soon Summer ’11 bra assortment

3. Working directly with the launch of a new Aerie product (can’t tell you what it is yet, but you’ll know soon enough!)

4. Learning from top NYC designers about upcoming trends: Jeggings, jeggings, even more jeggings, and NEON!

5. Meet and Greets with the VP of HR, the Merchandising Manager of all American Eagle brands, VP of Store Operations, and a video conference with the head designer at the New York Design Office

6. Intern outings to the Carnegie Science Center, Carson Street, and Toy Story 3


8. Watching 77Kids change from online to its first stand alone store!

Live Your Life, Love Your Job

After my first week, the biggest take aways have definitely been

1. Speak up! The interns are AE’s target customer and our opinions matter

2. Reading is essential, everything from the Wall Street Journal to Marie Claire are circulating in our office

3. Pay attention and take notes! I’ve learned more about fashion this week than I have in my whole life!

4. Set your goals high and share your ideas!  There are people who can point you in the right direction in every corner

5. Be proud of your school, hometown, sorority, etc! Tons of AE top execs are either from Columbus (my mentor is a diehard Buckeye fan and Columbus native!) or went to Ohio State and love when we say “The Ohio State University”

All in all, its been a great week! If you have some free time, pop in to AE stores, the product in AMAZING!

Have a great week!


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  1. Sarah Hill says:


    Sounds like an amazing experience and AE seems to be a great fit for you! I just learned the term “jeggings” last week, so I think I will have to get a pair soon:-) It’s also great to hear that you are networking with OSU alumni.

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