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You should have been there…

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Well, let’s just say it has been an interesting couple of days. I flew to Florida for a few days on a long weekend vacation to get away from Buckeyeland. I could not have asked for better weather but had a little anxiety about coming to Cardinal.

The first thing I did wrong: not re-apply sunscreen. “I do not burn.” Yeah, right. My chest is currently the color of a lobster. I woke up on Monday morning with heat radiating from my shoulders that I could feel on my face. Aloe is my new best friend.

The second thing I did wrong: book a flight that was delayed. Not that it was delayed long or that it was anyone’s fault, however I did not end up getting home to my apartment until about 12:45am. Talk about being tired on your first day!

We always make a difference!

We Always Make a Difference!

There were other things I did wrong that just show that either I was nervous or am just naturally a klutz. Some things to keep in mind for your first week:

  1. Grab the correct keys when leaving your apartment; especially when your car is parked two blocks away and you are wearing heels.
  2. Switching to flip-flops because you forgot your keys and don’t want to walk two blocks in heels again is not always the best idea. Don’t forget to put your heels back on when you get to Cardinal. They may be casual, but not Old Navy flip flop casual.
  3. When filling out 2 hours of I-9′s, w-4′s, compliance and who knows what, please know the year your car was made. Who wouldn’t know this!
  4. Congrats on the free water bottle! Note to self, don’t drop it 3 times in a row.
  5. Plastic forks in the cafeteria are not easy to cut with.
  6. Do not sit with your arms crossed and an open pen. You will end up with cute little dots down your “first-day” shirt.
  7. Have a map of all possible bathrooms. Luckily, there were several interns in the confused state of “where is the bathroom?” This goes for breakrooms and coffee as well.
  8. If you ever go to Cardinal, know that west campus is different from east campus, the forth floor is for executives and strategists, IM’ing is essential for intern communication, and if you are not used to caffeine – stay away. Interns will make fun of you.

I’m not sure why all of these happened but if they hadn’t, I would not have been able to laugh all day. Things go wrong and while I take full responsibility for all of these things, my first day would not have been the same without them. Today just was not the best day when it came to odd things happening.

But I have my own cubicle with my name on it, my own computer and phone, my own Microsoft Outlook account, and my own boss who I get to report to. I really can’t complain and I am fully ready to dive in!

3 Responses to You should have been there…

  1. Paul Sobecki says:

    Haha! This was hilarious Ali…looking forward to your future posts

  2. Diane Bernath says:

    I love this!! I feel like I am right there with you!
    Thanks for including me :)

  3. Whitney says:

    I love it! I read it to Frey so he knows how silly you are! Keep ‘em coming.