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Week One & Sports Galore

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One week in the books at the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission, and I am already grateful for the opportunity presented to me this summer. To review, the Sports Commission is charged with seeking out, planning and executing sporting events for the Cleveland area, to help improve the quality of life and image of the city. One event, the Continental Cup, was first thought up by the Sports Commission themselves in an effort to bring a large-scale youth soccer tournament to Northeast Ohio. The Continental Cup is brought to Cleveland by AC Milan, one of the most popular soccer clubs in the world.

2010 Continental Cup - Youth Soccer, Baseball and Basketball tournament in Cleveland.

Now in its seventh year, it will this summer encompass youth soccer, basketball and baseball from club teams all over the United States and over a dozen countries. From July 1-4 youth athletes will live at the John Carroll University dorms and participate in the aforementioned sports at various local schools and complexes. We are expecting a few thousand people at the events every day! I have been charged with being the VIP escort for six days for five dignitaries from the small island country in the Caribbean of St. Lucia. I am pumped to be able to spend some time with great people from a culture much different than my own. It will be a busy week, as our staff will be setting up shop everyday in the John Carroll dorms as well, and working from dawn til dusk for six straight days. Will definitely be an experience I’ll never forget.

So with the Continental Cup just around the corner, my time in the office has been mostly based around helping out with the event’s final planning stages and logistics. However, I did get to go with my supervisor’s, the VP’s of Marketing and Sponsorship, to meet with the PR rep’s from Panera Bread to discuss their involvement in our events for the next year. It was interesting to see how easy it is to develop strong relationships with corporate partners to create meaningful opportunities for both businesses. I even felt like I was using things I’ve been learning in Fisher, as terms such as ‘ROI’ and ‘branding’ proved to be commonplace in our meeting.

The best part of my first week, though, has been the PEOPLE. As Woody Hayes said, “You win with people”, and that is just as true in business. From the President, David Gilbert (an unbelievably charismatic and passionate person for the city of Cleveland), to the VP’s of all the different sectors, and the five interns, the sort of ‘family’ I’ve been brought into at the Sports Commission has been a true blessing. Even more, the four other interns and myself work very well together, as we all connect well with the college lifestyle. Learning from one another has been a great benefit.

Stay tuned for more as the Continental Cup youth sports tournament approaches — it will surely be big-time event, and I urge you to attend if you are living in the Cleveland area! Here is the event’s link for more info:

Have a great week and stay well.

3 Responses to Week One & Sports Galore

  1. Roz Abraham says:

    What an exciting time — being so involved with your peers and learning the techniques of the essentials needed to produce an exceptional program geared toward the world of sports. Congratulations and wishing you much success next week-end.

  2. Sarah Hill says:

    Scott, I agree that “You win with People” and by knowing this at the early stage in your career will serve you well for many years to come. I hope the events are going well!

  3. Marcia Rosenthal says:


    Enjoyed reading your blog. It’s great that you had the opportunity to participate in this event, which you handled so capably. What an experience!

    Marcia Rosenthal