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Ten Week Interview

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Well, I survived Week One, and what a week it was! After navigating the subway, finding the Time and Life Building, and making up to HR, I sat down for orientation. In orientation, I heard a phrase that I have continued to hear throughout my first week, and one that will certainly be on my mind all summer: Ten Week Interview.

Don't worry, I didn't wear this to my first day on the job!

Outside of the Time & Life Building

While being hired as a full time employee is almost always a possibility at the conclusion of an internship, I’ve never heard the idea expressed so succinctly. It’s a refreshing and empowering way to look at the internship process, really.  During my ten weeks here in NYC, this is my opportunity to really show what I am capable of contributing to the company, with the carrot of full time employment dangling before me.

With TWI on my mind, I hopped from meeting to meeting this week with my manager.  While she assured me multiple times that this was a unique week in the Time & Life Building, I was soaking up the experience like a sponge.  I won’t go into the details of each meeting, but I can tell you that I attended one with Ann Moore, Chairman and CEO of Time Inc., and John Huey, Editor-In-Chief.  Ann Moore is one of my role models, and if you have a few minutes on your hands, check out this episode of “Beyond the Boardroom,” it’s amazing!

In conjunction with TWI, Time Inc. encourages interns to interact outside of the office setting with executives.  On Tuesday, the Consumer Marketing and Finance interns had the opportunity to network with executives in our departments (and HR) at the Aspen Social Club. Each person I spoke with reinforced the importance building mentoring relationships with people beyond just my direct manager.  While reaching out to people, especially executives, is not something I find easy, I am making that a goal for myself this summer.

Which leaves me with a few questions for you: what are the most important things I can do to prove myself during TWI?

2 Responses to Ten Week Interview

  1. Sarah Hill says:

    Hi Lauren,

    Sounds like a great experience so far! I would encourage you to set up informational interviews with people at the company or OSU/Fisher alumni in NYC. Most people are happy to talk about themselves and their career and by scheduling a time to meet with people and generating a list of questions to take with you, it can alleviate some of the pressure associated with mingling on the spot! Let me know if you would like any information.

  2. Lauren Acton says:

    Sarah, that’s a great idea! I would definitely love to meet with any OSU/Fisher alumni that could help me out. I contacted the alum group up here and have had a chance to meet with a few people already – they really are a great group!

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